Fashion Friday: Jewelry Trends I Am Obsessed With

I think that I am obsessed with jewelry. I love jewelry for many reasons. I have a lot of it that was passed down, so I love that I have a bit of family history that I get to have. Furthermore, I love that certain pieces make me feel a certain way. I have hoops that make me like I can conquer the world when I wear them. I also have a lot of inspirational jewelry that help encourage me, and some of them just promote good vibes.  That said, here are some trends of jewelry that I have been loving:

Gold Jewelry: 

Top (L to R): Earrings S.V. Decker, Bangle Madewell, Middle: SV Decker Monica Earrings, Italian Horn Necklace Joseph Conte Jewelers, Bottom: SV Decker Ballsy Bracelet, and SV Decker Stars Bangle

For pretty much my entire life, I have been a silver gal. Recently, I have been into more gold pieces. I’m not sure where the origin of that comes from. Maybe it’s from watching a lot of YouTube. Maybe it’s because a lot of my favorite places have some pieces that come in gold-clad. That said, I really am loving the gold trend.

Stacking Rings/Bangles:

Bangles: Cut out star bangles, SV Decker

I love bangles. I am a huge fan of stacking them — especially mixing metals. I have a few that I love to pair, and they work well when I’m working at home on my laptop because they don’t clink up against it. Some of my favorite brands include Kate Spade, Mantraband, and of course, SV Decker.

Rings: MantraBand Grateful and Mantraband Warrior

What I also have been loving is the Mantraband rings. I have a few in different metals, and one of my favorite things to do is actually stack them. What I also enjoy about them is that they have different sayings. My favorite combination is the rose gold Always in my Heart, and the silver Grateful. Both of those mantras mean a lot to me. Always in My Heart reminds me that my mom isn’t that far away, and Grateful reminds me to be grateful for your blessings.

Hoop Earrings: 

SV Decker Monica Hoops, Madewell Acetate Earrings, Madewell Small Hoop Earrings, SV Decker Silver Hoops, and SV Decker XS Small Statement Hoops

This is a new thing for me. I was always the small stud girl — pearls and ball earrings were my jam. However, lately I was looking to change up my earrings. It all started with a pair of huggie style that I got from SV Decker. What I liked about those is the fact that they are really light. I actually really hate having heavy earrings so that works wonders. Since then, I’ve accumulated quite a few new pairs, mostly from SV Decker and Madewell. What I like about those brands are that they are lightweight. I absolutely can not stand heavy earrings, so they are a nice change from my regularly scheduled pearls.



5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Jewelry Trends I Am Obsessed With

  1. I no longer wear a lot of jewelry but when I was younger and working I loved having a variety. As a teacher the little girls always wanted to check out what I was wearing each day and commenting on it. I really like the rings you are showing.


  2. I love the rings! I want to start wearing rings but things that will last and not change colors or smell funny! I have been wearing a wave Pura Vida one since last year and I love it!


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