What I Love Wednesday: May 13

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Happy Wednesday everyone! In one week, the lockdown in my state will be lifted. Well, somewhat.  On May 20th, hair salons and all retail will be opening up. Furthermore, restaurants will now be serving food outside. However, I think that it’s never going to be the same as it was pre-pandemic. The economic impacts are going to be crazy, so it’s more important now than ever before to set some serious savings goals.
That said, here are my favorites this week:


Apple Pencil:

I love how I said that it is important to save money. However, I did purchase an Apple Pencil this past week. And, I love it. I use it for note taking, for coloring, and word searches. I have an app that I can take notes on, and I can use it as a planner, bullet journal, and take notes. I like it because it eliminates the bulk of a notepad, and the costs of having to rebuy them when they are filled. Therefore, if you have an iPad, I do recommend you getting an Apple Pencil to use to fill out all of those voids. And in the end, you’ll save money, because you won’t be buying notebooks.

Alyssa Lenore Vlogs

I don’t know how I found her YouTube channel. I am going to be honest. All I know is that I am so glad that I discovered her channel. I like Alyssa Lenore’s channel, because she talks about luxury purses, fashion, and savings tips. Because of her, I created a savings goal to save up for the things that I want, versus using my credit card. I also just enjoy her channel because of her travel vlogs, and her reviews.


Gold Jewelry

For years, I was a silver gal. However, lately I have been loving gold jewelry. I think that they are classic pieces that just never go out of style. Yes, I still wear my silver pieces. But, I have been using my mom’s gold pieces – and of course getting a few new pieces. Some of my favorites include: Madewell’s Slider Bangle, SV Decker Ballsy Bracelet, SV Decker’s XS Statement Hoop Earrings, SV Decker’s Monica Hoop Earrings, and SV Decker’s Star Bangle. I also have been bringing out a favorite piece – a gold Italian horn that I bought when my mother died. I don’t know if it’s a trend for me, but I am enjoying getting some use out of pieces that I normally haven’t been wearing.


Madewell Clothing

It’s said in the same. These clothes are Madewell. I purchased a few of their basic tees, a long sleeve shirt, and their jewelry. What I love about Madewell is their quality. Their t-shirts actually are the best material that I have ever seen in a shirt and can go from work to casual things. I am all about quality in clothing over the quantity, and I can tell these are going to last.

I also love their jewelry because they are affordable, and their earrings have sterling silver posts versus nickel. Furthermore, I also have three of their bags that are on the way, because they were the bags that I have been scouring everywhere for.

S’mores Treats

I’ve been making these Rice Krispie style treats for the past few weeks. They are really easy and only require four ingredients – chocolate bars, Golden Grahams, marshmallows and butter. And takes less than an hour to make. Easy and delicious. I won’t disclose the recipe because I got it from a friend, but you can find it online.


Yes, I joined the trend. I have a TikTok and basically use it to post videos of Lucy. I also have been enjoying watching them to entertain myself. I can watch them and instantly begin laughing. Definitely follow me at nattbarletta if you have a TikTok and like dogs.  

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