Tech Tuesday: Nook versus Kindle

I have had a Nook since 2012. I had received it as a gift from my dad for Christmas one year. I liked it because it was so small and I could fit all of the books that I wanted to read. The only problem was I didn’t have a job at the time, so I really could not order books as much.

That same Nook sat in my house for a few years until 2018. My mom had a Kindle Fire 7 (I think) that she never used so I borrowed it. I liked the Kindle format, but I will be honest. I loved Nook. I wanted a Nook. I used a gift card to buy myself a Nook Tablet 7.

A few months later, I began to get headaches and eye strain. At that time, I would use my Nook for hours on end. At the time, I lived at my grandma’s so, I used it to read a lot. So, I went to the Barnes and Noble in my area to purchase the Nook Glowlight 3. It was basically like my older one, but had a glowlight. I was happy and I was able to move on.

Then, I went to San Diego that summer, and kept on noticing how much I would read at the pool. My boyfriend also had a pool, so I would bring a book and dip my feet in there. It was then I learned that at the time Barnes and Noble did not have a Nook that was waterproof.

I then decided to get a Kindle because I was having too many near death experiences with it. So, I bought the Kindle Paperwhite, which the never one was waterproof. The only downside was that the Kindle was not white, which was something that I wanted.

And, I liked it. The biggest problem that I was having honestly was that I was not used to the Kindle interface and that it didn’t have any page turn buttons. However, I loved it. The resolution was so much clearer than my Nook Glowlight.

Then, I saw that Barnes and Noble introduced the Nook Glowlight Plus. At first, I thought why would someone want a Nook that was bigger? Isn’t the point of it to be small? I then learned that it was waterproof.

A Nook that was waterproof? Sold.

I got it to celebrate that I landed my first real job. I really loved the size of it, because it fit beautifully in the hand. I also loved that the screen was so much better than the one that was on my Glowlight.

The only problem was that the battery life sucked. At first, I thought that it was because there was a defect with mine so I got a new one sent to me because the older one was still under warranty. It didn’t end up working and still had that problem, despite all the ways I tried to reduce it.

Seeing as I had both devices, I wanted to compare the Nooks versus the Kindle Paperwhite. During the pandemic, my ereader has been my savior, so I created this guide comparing them:

Now, both devices have pretty simple interfaces. In fact that they are very similar. However, I do find the Nook one to be easier to use. I have been going back and forth between the two devices as well because they both have different features that I enjoy.

That said, if I had to pick one, I think I would go with the Kindle. The battery life on it is amazing, and the resolution on the screen is honestly amazing for a device that size. I have been using it for a few days with the WiFi turned off and it only went down 6 percent. Yup.

It’s literally as if I am reading something that is comparable to the actual book. The only downside is that there is no page turn buttons on the device, which is frustrating.

Will I turn to Kindle and leave my Nook behind? Stay tuned.

That said, there is one conclusion I would like to make clear. At the end of the day, since they all are about the same, it really comes down to which book industry leader do you want to support. Do you want to support Barnes and Noble? Or do you want to support Amazon?

That decision, is entirely up to you.

Kindle Paperwhite:

Pros: Great Screen, Amazing Battery Life, Simple Interface, and a great library selection.

Cons: No page turn buttons

Price: Normally $119.99

Nook Glowlight 3/Nook Glowlight Plus:

Pros: Great screen quality (especially the Nook Glowlight Plus), Page Turn Buttons, Comfort in Hand

Cons: Terrible Battery Life

Price: $130 for Glowlight, $199.99 for Glowlight Plus

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