What’s In My Bag Wednesday: Baggu Medium Crescent Bag

On this episode of TikTok made me do it, I have the Baggu medium crescent bag. This bag has gone viral and is currently sold out in several different colors on the Baggu website (although they do plan to restock in early April). I recently scored the avocado green one from Urban Outfitters, and love it. I’ve only had it for a few days, but the bag is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Even though I’ve only had the bag for a few days, I wanted to share what it fits since it’s so popular. My initial first impressions are that this bag is so deceiving. It looks small, but it still holds all of the essentials that make it the perfect everyday bag.

Additionally, this bag fits so comfortably and is so lightweight. What I like about it is that this is a simple bag, but it is so versatile. It can be worn as both a crossbody and a shoulder bag. I have the avocado green one, and I can already tell that this is not only the perfect basic bag, but also the perfect spring bag.

Here’s what fits in the Baggu Medium Crescent.

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