Stratford’s Cakes by Sonia Offers Sugary Delights That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

When walking into Stratford’s Cakes by Sonia, you are immediately greeted with the mouth watering scent of freshly baked goodies — fulfilling its promise of confections baked daily. Located just off Barnum Avenue, this little shop is definitely one to visit to get your sweet tooth fix.

Cakes by Sonia offers a variety of desserts from cookies to cupcakes, as well as perfectly decorated cakes that are almost too gorgeous to consume. Almost. And while they look amazing, they taste just as fresh and delicious that make it worth eating these beautiful treats.

The cupcake variety is insane here. While this is a smaller sized bakery, there are quite a few flavors to choose from. Of course, there are the traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors, but there are also fun and unique flavors such as Dunkeroo, Strawberry Oreo, and even some boozy cupcakes.

Furthermore, Cakes by Sonia also offers other treats as well, such as dessert cups, brownies, cookies and more.

While I briefly mentioned the scent of the bakery, I want to first talk about how gorgeous this place is. The walls are painted pink, and there are little details everywhere that make it a perfect photo opportunity. I mean, this is expected for a place that decorates its cupcakes so beautifully, but still.

Finally, I wanted to talk about the price of the cupcakes. For four cupcakes, it cost a little over $10, which isn’t bad for cupcakes. For the quality of the way the cupcakes both look and taste, I believe that they are worth every penny and will definitely be returning again in the future.

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