Park Lane Has the Ultimate Dior Dupe

The Dior Tribales earrings are a gorgeous and classic pair of earrings. They also are $470, which is a hefty price to pay for a pair of earrings that are basically costume pieces. I mean who has that type of money for costume pieces? I certainly do not.

Enter Park Lane, who has a great dupe for only $30. The Dovey earrings look like the Tribales earrings’ twin sister, but without the price tag. I have been eying these earrings, but I can’t bring myself to spend that amount for essentially costume jewelry.

I got these in a few days ago, and I already can tell you that I’m really excited to use these in the spring. Pearls add such a classy touch to any outfit, and these definitely are no exception.

What is really unique about these earrings is that there are two ways to wear them: altogether, and or with the post earrings with a butterfly back. This definitely gives you more bang for your buck, which is something that allows you to use this in multiple ways.

With that being said, I also wanted to point out that these earrings will work with you if you’re like me and you have two piercings that are right next to each other. You would have to wear a smaller earring like I have in my second piercing, but you can still have earrings in both.

I also would like to add one other thing. I have the world’s most sensitive ears when it comes to jewelry and these do not bother me whatsoever. When I first wanted to order pieces from Park Lane, I was a tad bit skeptical because it is really hard for me to wear costume pieces because my ears will either be itchy or uncomfortable. That is not the case here, because they did not hurt or turn my ears green whatsoever.

So far, I’ve worn these to work a few times this past week, however, I can see these making their way into my jewelry box rotation. I also can see myself wearing these for my bridal shower later this year. What I love about these earrings is that they can be worn for both dressy and casual occasions.

That said, this dupe is definitely worth looking into if you want the look for a whole lot less.

(Please note, I got these through Michele Vidal’s page. You can search for her on the Park Lane website.)

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