An Honest Review of the Viral Coach Heart Bag

I am going to be completely honest here. If I was not getting married this year, I would not have purchased this bag whatsoever. I saw it last year on TikTok, and I was not interested whatsoever. I am a classic bag type of girl, so I passed on it. But, since 2023 is my wedding year, I saw the preview on the Coach Outlet and knew that this was the perfect bag for my honeymoon, bachelorette, and bridal shower. That bag, is none other than the Heart Crossbody bag from the Coach Outlet.

As I mentioned earlier, this bag went viral. All over my TikTok, I saw people with this one, or the other versions from the previous year. Furthermore, Kate Spade also has its own version called the Loveshack, another bag that went viral. And, when the bag came back in stock, it seemed like the Coach Outlet Valentine’s Day collection was all everyone could talk about.

This year’s version comes in red, black, and the classic Coach monogram that we all know and love. I went with the black, since it would be the perfect bag that would go with any outfit. I also am a sucker for the Coach black leather.

Like I said, I would not have gone with the bag if I was not getting married. But, now that I have the bag, I can totally see the hype. I broke the bag out for the first time during my Valentine’s Day date with my fiancé, and I am obsessed.

For the first time I wore this bag, I kept it really casual — a pair of jeans, Birkenstock clogs, and a hot pink sweater from TJ Maxx a number of years ago. This bag made the perfect accessory.

Now, what fits in the bag?

This bag has two sections and two card slots. And, I am going to be honest, it doesn’t really fit a lot. I was not able to fit my iPhone 14 Pro when I had this configuration. I was able to fit my cardholder with my car keys, ladies products, hand sanitizer, chapstick and a lip gloss. And, that was pretty much filled to the brim. If I did not have the lady products, I’m sure my phone would have slipped in with ease.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this bag and actually could see myself using it for more than just my wedding era. Of course, it’s a Coach bag, so you know the bag is really good quality. It is also just a cute and fun bag to add into your collection. And yes, now I can finally see why this bag blew up on the Internet.

3 thoughts on “An Honest Review of the Viral Coach Heart Bag

    1. Same here! I mean you definitely can’t fit much, but I figured since I’ll be using it for travel half of the time, it was okay. Surprisingly it did fit wayyy more that I thought.


  1. I really want the Coach heart bag hopefully I will find it either red or pink. It is a bit small for my liking but I see myself using it for going to a diner or a café something where I don’t have to carry much.


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