Friday Faves: February 10, 2023

TGIF everyone! My goal is to try to get back into the rhythm of sharing my weekly favorites on a more regular basis, and I am so excited to be sharing them with you!

1. Jazzercise On Demand: I have been getting back into doing Jazzercise, and I have been enjoying it. I have been going through some health things that have caused me to have to take a step back from my more intense workouts. Now that I am able to work out again, Jazzercise has been a fun way to work out, and something that I look forward to. What is nice about this app is that you can access classes 24/7 and do as many as you want. There are cardio, strength and stretch classes at all different time intervals. I definitely recommend this if you’re someone who just needs a fun workout to get through the day.

2. Budha Girl Bangles: These are my new favorite bracelets. At work, I can not wear jewelry that makes noise. Enter these in. I bought a few sets, but I am obsessed with the crimson and the champagne ones. They feel kind of like plastic, but they do not look cheap by any means. I am such a huge fan of the AWB (all weather bangles), which are TSA and water proof. And, the meaning behind them is incredible — according to the website, in the morning you affirm your intention and as you remove them, fill yourself with thoughts of gratitude. I love that. There are dupes of these, but I highly recommend saving up for the real thing.

3. Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives: This show has become a comfort watch for me. I am a foodie, and I love watching this at night to unwind.

4. Weather Girl by Rachel Solomon: I was a huge fan of her other book, the Ex Talk, so I am happy to announce I finally picked up Rachel Solomon’s other book, Weather Girl. I have been in a romantic comedy kick lately when it comes to reading, and this was the perfect rom com that my soul needed to feel good. It tells the story of Ari Abrams, who is a weather girl who suffers from a cloud of depression. Her boss (and former idol) Torrance Hale has been making work hard for the office, as Torrance is working with her ex husband, Seth. Talk about awkward. She, along with another member of the news team, Russell pair together to “parent trap” them together. However, they soon find a spark as well. I loved reading this book, and it was perfect for Valentine’s Day.

5. Outlander series: Ladies and gentlemen, I finally started to read Outlander and I finished book one last week. And, now I get the hype. I have the second one loaded on my Nook, so I can’t wait to get to that once I read a few other books on my TBR. But, if you were debating on picking this book up, I highly recommend checking it out.

6. Touchland Hand Sanitzer: I have been seeing this on TikTok, and I am so obsessed with this. Yes, I am excited about hand sanitizer, because I have been a tried and true Bath and Body Works fan forever. I love this one, because it is dry and it’s a spray. This makes it easier than ever, and I even use this way more than my Bath and Body Works ones.

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