Milford’s Greek Spot Cafe and Grill Offers Mediterranean Cuisine Stateside

You do not need to get your passport ready to enjoy authentic Greek cuisine. Milford’s Greek Spot Cafe and Grill, located right next to Silver Sands Beach, offers all the authentic Greek food right here in the Nutmeg State. And, during the summer, you can even enjoy your food outside.

The menu at Greek Spot is so extensive and is perfect if you’re looking for a new lunch spot. Greek Spot offers the typical Greek classics including: soulvaki, gyro, moussaka, and spinach pie, just to name a few. However, there are so many healthy options to choose from, including salads and Zoodles (zucchini noodles.) Furthermore, there are a variety of wrap, salads, burgers, and sandwich options to choose from as well.

Now, they have an extensive fry menu that needs some attention, with portions that are meant for two. My personal favorite is the sea salted fries with dips. Yes, I said it. Fries that come with dipping sauce, yum! The dipping sauces tzatzki sauce, garlic cilantro, guacamole, and chipotle tzatzki, and they enhance the fry experience if you ask me. In addition to the dipping sauce version, you can get truffle fries, garlic feta fries, Jose fries (guacamole and feta cheese), cilantro feta fries, and Stacy loaded fries (feta, garlic, cilantro, and gyro meat). And of course, you can get fries without the sauces if you so choose.

And, the food is delicious. My fiancé and I have been going there for the last few years, and everything that we’ve had was so fresh and delicious. My go-to has been the chicken soulvaki pita with a side a tzatzki sauce along with the dipping fries, and they are always fresh and delicious.

Typically, the Greek Spot Cafe is closed for the winter, however, this year their doors are still open despite the chilly temperatures and even enjoy their lemon orzo soup. Obviously you can not sit outside, but you can still take your food to go or eat in on their tables. The vibe is a cozy coffee shop, so it’s easy to hang out there for a few minutes to actually enjoy your food instead of hastily eating it on the go. Additionally, Greek Spot is also available on DoorDash, so you can stay inside and have your food brought right to your door.

With its close proximity to Silver Sands State Park, I highly recommend checking it out when you’re visiting the beach, because you can walk right over from the boardwalk to grab a bite to eat. And, even if you’re not visiting the beach, I highly recommend taking the trip because their food is 100 percent worth it.

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