Friday Faves: January 27, 2023

TGIF! Welcome to the first Friday Faves of the year. I’ve been dealing with some health stuff going on, so curating my list of favorites has been a little tricky these days. However, I have so many different favorites that I want to share with you. So here are this week’s favorites:

1. Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume: TikTok made me do this. I went to Ulta and tried it on and knew I needed to walk out with it. And, I’ve already have used it almost everyday since I purchased it. I’m obsessed with the smell, and it lasts all day. If you’re considering this purchase, I highly recommend, because it is definitely worth the hype.

2. That 90s Show: I am a huge fan of That 70s Show. I used to watch it daily after school, and it was a show that I honestly just enjoy. So, when the reboot happened, I came in with skeptical eyes. But, then I watched it and became obsessed. It is on Netflix, and it is a show that you can easily binge watch. The show is about Eric and Donna’s daughter, Leia, who stays in Point Place over the summer with her grandparents, Red and Kitty. She meets a gang of friends, all with characteristics that the original share. It’s definitely worth the watch.

3. Anthropologie Luna Crossbody: I love this Luna bag so much that I went back and got it in brown. The bag is a great crossbody, and it super secure. It is slouchy, and it fits a ton of things, including my Barnes and Noble Nook. It is made out of vegan leather and is really study. It is a great bag to bring on day trips and goes with any outfit.

4. Twisted series by Ana Hoang: I became obsessed with this series, and devoured it within a week. Yes, I read four books within a week. It tells the story of four college roommates as they find love. Of course, these are steamy and I could not put them down.

5. Gemstone Lavender Roller: I got this last week from Scorp Zone, and I have become obsessed with using this during the day whenever I feel anxious or stressed. What I like about this is that this has amethyst infused in it, and it always manages to work.

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