My 5 Snow Day Essentials

It is winter in the Nutmeg State, and I’m like most of us out there by just staying in during these cold months. This year, we’ve been really fortunate with the lack of snow days, but there is nothing like a cozy snow day where you can stay in and just hunker down. For me, it’s the ultimate form of self care.

To achieve the ultimate snow day, here’s some things that are a must for me:

1. Something to bake.

Cookies, cake, cupcakes, brownies, oh my! Having a treat to bake is my favorite thing to do during a snowy winter day. I have a sweet tooth, so this is perfect. But, there is nothing better than the smell of cookies in the oven while snow is falling gently outside.

2. Books.

It is no secret that I love reading. Therefore, there is something so cozy about curling up with a hot beverage, book, and fireplace (or YouTube fireplace for those who do not have one IRL) with a physical or ebook.

3. Craft.

I have a lot of hobbies, and having a snow day means that you get some free time. For me, that means that I can work on a craft that I have been putting off. One of the most relaxing things that I do is knit/crochet with a TV show playing in the background. While I knit, there is so many other crafts to do. Painting. Jewelry making. Cricut Crafter. The limits do not exist.

4. Binging TV.

Binging TV shows/movies is a must during a snow day. Whether it’s that show that you desperately need to catch up on or an old favorite, there is nothing better than snuggling under a blanket with a cup of something warm. At least I think so.

5. Working Out At Home.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, the biggest thing is that you don’t need to go to the gym in order to get a work out in. Whether it’s Peloton, a free YouTube video or even just walking on a treadmill, there is no better feeling than a post workout feeling.

What are your snowy day essentials? Let me know in the comments below.

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