Scarecrows Return to the Downtown Milford CT Area

Scarecrows have returned to the Downtown Milford area during this year’s spooky season. I wrote a post about the scarecrows appearing in the downtown area last year, and now they are back once again for the second year in a row. Like last year’s event, this event was put on by the Downtown Milford Business Association.

The scarecrows, as stated in last year’s post, are created by local citizens and businesses. Citizens had the opportunity to purchase kits where they can personalize the scarecrow to whatever they wish. Businesses got to participate as well. Some of the participants include Stacy Blake Realty and Monarch Law — just to name a few!

And, there are some pretty unique ones — including a Stranger Things and Wizard of Oz themed ones, just to name a few. I highly recommend taking a walk through the downtown area if you have a chance, because they are worth it!

The scarecrows appeared on Oct. 15, and will be a part of the Milford community until Oct. 31. You can view the event on the Downtown Milford Business Association’s website for further information about this and other events.

I hope that this continues to be a Milford tradition because these are such a fun and unique way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Be sure to keep reading to check out some photos of the scarecrows themselves!

5 thoughts on “Scarecrows Return to the Downtown Milford CT Area

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun as a community to take part in. My little town does something similar with scarecrows but during the summer months. I really like the Stranger Things one. x


  2. wonderful idea, I wish we had something like that around here. a few years ago we took part in a record breaking number of scarecrows on a farm which was great, the kids were supplied with loads of clothing, straw, poles and ready made heads to decorate and make their own scarecrow.


  3. Very interesting. A funny fact-I live in “Milford” but “Milford Haven” in the UK lol. I love this Scarecrow trail. Our surrounding villages do this during the summer. It would be great at this time of year though. We love wandering around looking at the different themed scarecrows, one year there was a giant Hagrid one. These are all great! xxx


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