Are Mejuri Jewelry Pieces Worth It?

Mejuri jewelry is one of those brands that every influencer seems to wear and talk about at length. And, while the pieces do look stunning, one can’t help but wonder if they are actually worth the price.

That said, let’s get some things out of the way first. I am sharing my honest opinions on the brand. This means Mejuri is not sponsoring this post in any way, shape or form (but if Mejuri were to want to sponsor me, I wouldn’t oppose to it). Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the jewelry.

Mejuri is a brand that makes having finer quality jewelry accessible. They have Sterling silver, gold vermeil and solid gold pieces. In terms of pricing, it all comes down to the metal and the gemstones used. Sterling silver/gold vermeil pieces are usually priced between $38-$148, while gold and diamond prices vary. I have mostly silver pieces, with one gold vermeil and a few solid gold rings.

Personally, one of the things I truly like about the brand is all of the Sterling silver options. I am a silver girl. Many of the other trendier brands often only have gold pieces, but Mejuri has several Sterling silver options that allow me to have the same look, but in silver. Because things shouldn’t be that complicated, you know?

I have not had any problems with most of my Mejuri pieces. I say most, because I had a problem with one of the pairs of hoop earrings that didn’t close all the way. Mejuri sent me a replacement pair and then a full refund when those didn’t work. I will also say that during that entire process, they were responsive and helpful with the issue. This was a breath of fresh air. For me, having that level of customer service makes me even more comfortable with purchasing pieces from them because I know they back up their quality.

What I also love about Mejuri is their quality. Your girl takes care of her things but doesn’t baby them and Mejuri jewelry held up. I have several pairs of hoops, as well as their rings, and they all have done well with my daily activities. Other than my gold vermeil piece, none of my jewelry has tarnished as well.

That said, depending on where you’re at with jewelry, I think it’s priced fairly for something that is such high quality because even the Sterling silver pieces will last you a long time. And they are comfortable to wear.

As I mentioned earlier, my collection has grown over time, but before I left, I wanted to share my favorite pieces, which include: the croissant earrings and ring, the editor earrings, the dome ring, the sphere bracelet and the double curb chain bracelet. All of these pieces are in sterling silver. These are pieces I consistently reach for and recommend to all.

Overall, out of all of the influencer jewelry brands, Mejuri is hands down one of my favorites. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cost effective piece that will last you for a while, I highly recommend that you check them and splurge.

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