Christmas Q and A with My Fiance!

When searching for ideas for Blogtober, I did a Q and A with my then boyfriend. Since it was such a post to write, I decided to do a Christmas version of it for Blogmas. Little did I know that he was not going to be doing it as my boyfriend, but as my fiance (more details to come). The holidays are a weird time of year, especially if you’re just starting out, so this post is here just in time.

Read on to read his answers, and follow him and I on Instagram!

1. What are your tips for couples who are experiencing their first Christmas together as a dating couple?

The best tip I can give for your first Christmas as a dating couple is to be generous, and not just in gifts. Yes, your significant other will remember the gifts, but they’ll more likely remember how you may have introduced them to your family if that’s your first holiday together, or the interactions with family members if it’s not. 

It’s a holiday where you give gifts, I’m sure you have a favorite gift I gave you, and I’m sure it made your holiday. However, you’re more likely remember the moments that came on the holiday rather than that one gift.

2. What do you think of Christmas proposals?

They’re nice, I know my parents got engaged on Christmas, so of course I think it’s pretty cool (Note from Natalie: I told him that I did not want to get proposed to on Christmas). People love the holidays and honestly, it’s probably the second or third best holiday to commit your life to one other on (Valentine’s Day and New Years Day being the others).

I think that proposals during the season are slightly better though. The Christmas season is just so magical that you can find about ten different ideas and places to do it. From doing tree lightings (Note from Natalie: he actually did propose at a tree lighting) to arranging your own Christmas holidays to horse drawn carriage rides, there’s stuff you may not be able to do on the actual holiday. 

3. What are your thoughts on balancing both sides of the holidays?

I think that it’s something that is good for a relationship, provided everyone is on good terms with one another. To be able connect with your significant others family members is something that can really go a long way in terms of connection.

It may not seem like too much, but showing you care to both sides, is something that is under appreciated. We recently did it for Thanksgiving, and you could see how much your cousin and his wife appreciated it. 

4. What are your gift ideas for guys looking for gifts for their girlfriends, especially it being their first Christmas together?

If it’s a first Christmas together, jewelry is a safe bet, maybe some kind of knick knack. As time goes on and you learn more you can try stuff like pajamas and clothing but if you do it the first time, there’s a higher chance it may not go over well. 

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