1 Month In At Ruf: An Honest Review

About a month ago, I posted my reasons why I chose to take a chance to join Ruf Fitness. Now, a month later, I’m coming back to you with my initial review.

The Ruf Fitness app is available if you go to the Ruf website. The app houses workouts, a trainer that you can chat with, and the Ruf Community. Thursdays are check-in day, where you take your measurements and weigh yourself. In addition, there is the Ruf Facebook group where you can chat with other members and have a support system.

When you first sign up, you get a few Zoom calls with a coach and then you have the option to join the accelerate program as well. The coach will set your macros, which is basically the breakdown of grams of protein, fats, and carbs.

Ruf also has a series of challenges, where you set a goal that you wish to meet. Currently, we are in our 30 day sprint from now until Christmas.

There are a few things that I like about Ruf over the other programs that I use, including Jillian Michaels and Sydney Cummings. First and foremost is the value that you get. I was considering going to a nutritionist for a while, but this seemed like a better value to me because you get both the nutrition aspect as well as the workouts for $29 a month. And, you can choose from five workouts to pick what’s best for you. No one size fits all here.

For me, I tend to go back and forth between Beginner WOD (beginner workout of the day) and Home WOD. No matter what I choose, the workouts are tough. They have a combination of strength and cardio. But, they challenge you, which is something that I really like. As mentioned earlier, I’ve done Jillian Michaels, and let me tell you, those workouts are no joke. These account for where you are today, but help you reach your goals in the future.

And, you do get a trainer to ask any question that you may have, whether it’s the amount of macros you’re eating, or if you’re struggling through the work out. I think that alone is a good value in of itself because personal trainers can be expensive. This allows those who are struggling with weight loss — someone like me who didn’t have a clue about anything — to have an expert come in. They have a trainer that is available 24/7, whether you are on the accelerate program or the regular.

Trainers check in with you on check-in days, which are typically Thursdays. But, you can message them at any point, which is really nice when you’re stuck. The trainer will then give you guidance, whether it’s to eat more protein or tips on how to thrive with your workouts. My trainer that I’ve spoken with has really pushed me to reach 150 grams of protein daily, and really encourages me to eat clean. And, thanks to them, I’m seeing results.

Secondly, I love Ruf because it instructs you to weigh yourself once a week. I like this better because I’ve heard from many people that you should weight yourself daily, which is something that I’ve done for over a year now, and was not the best for my mental health.

What I also love about Ruf is the community. There is a Facebook group and chat feature in the app. This, at least for me, has helped so much because I don’t feel like I am alone when I’m on this journey. We share our progress pictures on check-in day, and small victories. Roy, the CEO, goes on Facebook live once a week to discuss FAQs. The community is something that I really like, because being on a weight loss journey can be isolating. With Ruf, I know I have support.

The Results:

Left: before starting Ruf Right: latest progress photos

Okay, so now let’s get to the good part. The results. I have started to lose some weight and inches throughout my body. That said, I’ve shared my first check-in day photo with my most recent one. I notice that there is more muscle mass in my arms, and my stomach is flatter.

In terms of non scale victories, I’ve noticed that my clothes have fit better, my rings fit so much better, I can actually run a little bit, and my ability to lift a larger size of dumbbell. I feel stronger, and healthier.

This is only just the beginning for me. My current goal is to lose 165 pounds. I hope to eventually go down even further, but that’s the goal for now.

So, overall, I do recommend Ruf Fitness for those who want to prioritize their health and for those who want to prioritize their fitness.

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