Christmas Wishlist

Every year, this list seems to get shorter and shorter. This year, I am planning to move, so I am considering what I ask for for Christmas. That said, I enjoy writing these posts (you can check out 2019’s and 2020’s here). I also wanted to add that these are items that I don’t expect to receive, but definitely have my eye on.

Ikea Giftcard: I am actually looking to get a new mattress, so I am asking everyone who is interested in getting me a giftcard from Ikea. Is that adulting?

Stoney Clover Lane Mini Tote: I purchased the cozy mini tote off of Poshmark, and now, I have my eye on a black regular nylon with the N initial. I might get that as spring gets closer, but is definitely something that is on my wishlist.

Engagement Charms: I recently got engaged, so I really want to get the James Avery charm.

Engagement Ornaments: This is actually the first Christmas that I am engaged in, so I want to get an ornament that says “Our First Christmas Engaged” or something along that nature since this is our first Christmas that we will be an engaged couple.

Pandora Charms: I love Pandora, and I definitely have my eye on a few charms this holiday season, including the snowglobe charm, the Christmas tree, and the snowflake.

Year Necklace: I have been wanting a silver necklace that has the year 1994 on it. My favorite is from the Etsy shop Caitlyn Minimalist, but I am sure there are so many options out there.

What is on your Christmas list? Let me know in the comments below.

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