Tips on How to Actually Save Money During Black Friday

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I saw somewhere that the best deal on Black Friday is 100 percent off on Black Friday by not buying items that you don’t need. I am going to be honest. To me, that’s not realistic. Black Friday, in my opinion, is the best time of year to pick up gifts and items that you have been wanting.

However, you do need to do your shopping wisely. Last year, I went so overboard with Black Friday shopping, it’s not even funny. This year, I want to approach it differently. So, here are some tips on how to actually save money on Black Friday:

Have a Plan Before You Go Online or Step Foot in a Shop: It honestly depends on how you’re shopping. That said, before you log onto your computer or go to the mall, come up with a plan or make a list. What are some items that you want/need that you’ve had your eye on? What gifts are you looking to buy? For example, what I’ve been doing is developing a game plan. For myself, my game plan is to purchase Aerie leggings, which have become my favorite, as well as a few Pandora goodies. The same goes for gifts — those I won’t share with you.

Have a No Spend In The Weeks Before: Other than the Stoney Clover launch and the Stoney Clover Sale, I am trying to avoid shopping all unnecessary items prior to Black Friday. That way, I’ll have as much money as humanly possible to spend guilt and debt free.

Sell Items: Before the holidays, I go through my closet to purge all items that no longer fit or I don’t reach for. This not only creates room for the new, but creates extra cash.

Research: Many of the stores out there are having Black Friday sales now. Do your research now, so you can avoid paying more for an item later. However, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger if you think you’re getting a good deal now.

Set Aside Some Impulse Buy Money: You’re going to see something that is a great deal. Therefore, then set aside a certain amount of money for that purpose. Then, you won’t be broke and guilty for it.

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