Tips To Throw An Awesome Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving: a Thanksgiving celebration with friends instead of family.

This past weekend, I hosted my second friends giving. This was the largest amount of people that I’ve ever hosted, and I am so proud of myself that it went so well.

After 2020, it might be a good idea to host a Friendsgiving to help gather friends or even to have a night to invite some of your closest friends to your home. Since this is my second time doing a Friendsgiving, I wanted to share some of my tips to having a successful party.

  1. It’s not going to be perfect. Your party may be inspired by Pinterest, however, it’s not going to be perfect. Therefore, just make it look the best that you can, and go from there. I would recommend just making sure that your house is clean, and adding some fun fall decor if you want. Nothing fancy.
  2. Make sure you have a plan for your pet. For the last year or so, your pet wasn’t used to having a large amount of people. It is definitely outside of the normal for them. Therefore, make sure that you either put them on a leash, gate them, or even make sure that they get their energy out prior to your visitors coming. Remember this is their home too, so you need to make sure that they are taking care of.
  3. Take pictures! Instagram or it didn’t happen, right? Kidding. Taking photos for me is a great way to remember a night, so definitely be sure to get some snaps.
  4. Do a pot luck. This is great for those who are balling on a budget, or just want to try something new. Plus, everyone has a favorite dish that they love to make, so it’s fun for your guests too!
  5. Know the allergies of the people coming. As someone who is lactose intolerant, this is something that definitely has been helpful because it eliminates any accidental food. I am not saying that you shouldn’t make them, but I am saying to definitely make it known if a certain dish contains an allergen.
  6. Be flexible. No one is ever exactly on time (which sucks for my type a self). However, I always do a window of when I want the party to start and when I want it to end. Definitely keeps things casual, which I like.
  7. Get a message board. I have one for my kitchen, and this is honestly so fun to have at parties!

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