Bag Talk: Is That Madewell Transport Camera Bag Worth It?

Madewell has created the perfect Goldilocks bag — not too big and not too small. Just right. That is the Transport Camera Bag.

The Transport camera bag has two different price points. The regular is priced at $128 and comes in black and their English saddle color. The large Transport Camera Bag is $148, and comes in three colors: black, English Saddle and Dark Cabernet.

I have the larger versions in both black and English Saddle, and this bag has become my go-to. Both of them are made out of leather, and the quality is there, folks. I first purchased the English Saddle, and it goes with everything. I mean, everything. I wore it when I went shopping, meeting friends for dinner, going apple picking, and so much more.

What I love about the bag is that it fits everything that I would need — my Louis Vuitton Recto Verso, my Louis Vuitton Six Ring Key Holder, Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette, my sunglasses, my phone, and even my Kindle. I also have put my Stoney Clover mini pouch and had plenty of room to spare.

I recently got the second one at ThredUP for an incredible deal. Originally marked at $148, I ended up paying $30. I got the black because I just loved this bag so much, and you can’t go wrong with a black bag. And, I am so so happy that I did. It goes with a lot of my leggings, because I have a ton of black pairs of leggings. I have zero regrets with this purchase.

I highly recommend this bag for many reasons. One is for the price, you are getting a classic and sturdy bag. The quality of the bag is there. You can tell that the bag was made very well (haha, get it). I got my first one brand new over a year ago, and it looks like it did the day I got it. Secondly, you can bring this bag with you when you travel, and it will go with everything without you having to worry that it clashes. And, it fits a lot of stuff, including a water bottle, so you can truly be on the go.

And, finally, it’s one of those bags that is just a classic in my opinion. The style is something that you can wear for years, and not have to worry that it’s going out of style. It kind of gives me the Gucci Soho Disco bag vibes, but without the price.

I can’t say enough good things about this bag. However, here are some tips for you to avoid that hefty price tag. The first is to try sites like Poshmark or ThredUP. Secondly, is to become a Madewell Insider. When it’s your birthday, Madewell offers you a discount, and they have sales throughout the year. And, if you accumulate enough points, you’ll be able to get this at a lesser discount.

While this is not my only Madewell bag, this is perhaps my favorite. Therefore, it is one thousand percent worth it.

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