The 5 Steps I’ve Been Taking To Practice Better Self Care

Creating more time for self care has become a priority for me as of late. For me, self care is something that may not be the most glamorous (or even something that I don’t always want to do), however, it something that is necessary. That said, all of these have an overall positive impact on my days and my holistic health.

Working Out: I have gotten into the habit of working out daily to the point where I have to do something every day. Working out has become something that is just a part of my everyday routine, but I do sometimes have a hard time getting the motivation to actually do so.

Going for a Walk at Least 3x to 4x A Week: For the past few nights after dinner, I have been taking Lucy for a mile or so walk. This is great because it really has helped me get my steps in, getting some time in with Lucy and have time away from my phone. I also have been trying to get more walks in overall, whether that may be taking a walk on the beach on a Friday night or walking around with my boyfriend’s mom. Walking has been so helpful for me to unwind.

Meditation: I am a big fan of the Peloton app not only because of the spin classes, but also because of the meditation classes. I am a huge fan of meditation, especially before bedtime. It helps me unwind and avoid monkey mind so I can actually have a restful sleep.

Drinking Water: How many of us can say that they are drinking enough water? Yeah, I am not one of them. I have a few water bottles that have the times on it so I can remind myself that I need to drink water not only for my physical health, but for my mental health as well. And, when I do actually complete the challenges, I feel amazing.

Taking My Lunch Break: Taking breaks is something that I am working on more and more. It’s hard, but I found when I do take my lunch break or a break in general, I approach things much more refreshed.

10 thoughts on “The 5 Steps I’ve Been Taking To Practice Better Self Care

  1. Taking breaks is so important, I struggle a lot with Toxic Productivity and is something I wanna actively work towards

    To help myself drink more water I have downloaded a cute app that give me a reason to actually drink water 😅😁


  2. Going for a walk and taking my lunch break are two things I struggle with – working from home is all very well but you can get engrossed and suddenly it’s gone 4pm! Good tips, thank you 🙂


  3. Self care is so important.
    I started to work out a couple of months ago and if first felt like a chore but now I love it. I feel so much motivated after I’ve worked out and with that I have been drinking more water. x


  4. I have been walking the kids to school in the morning since the start of the new term in Aug and I am loving that journey there and back as it sets me up for the day and also gets my exercise and step goal in as well 🙂


  5. Taking your lunch break is something I really need to focus on doing too! It’s the little changes that can end up making a big difference.

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  6. Great tips on self-care and all things I need to remember more too. I find it strange that I always forget to drink enough water. I need to get back into my daily workouts as they do make me feel better. I love walking too xxx

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