Women Who Work: Natalie from Moonlit Stones

Photo Credit: Natalie Hudson

Crystal jewelry is one of my favorite types of jewelry. Natalie, the owner and founder of Moonlit Stones, has not only slayed the wire wrapped game, but also the social media game. She has over 13,000 followers on TikTok, and her Instagram is amazing as well.

In between posting amazing content and making jewelry, Natalie was so kind to answer some questions for me about her business. So read on to learn more!

1. How did you get started making jewelry?

I entered this world with an incurable addiction to arts and crafts and have dabbled in just about every artistic hobby. When I picked up wire wrapping though, I knew I had found my niche! A few years ago I hit a rough patch and unwired wrapping became a creative distraction or release. So wire wrapping stones and crystals in a way started as a self care hobby of mine, that grew into a business!

2. How did Moonlit Stones get started?

I originally started sharing my little creations on my personal Instagram story, and then I started getting into art festivals and pop up shows. September 2019 is when I officially launched the Moonlit Stones website for online shopping! Through the website, I have now been able to ship thousands of pieces to people all over the world.

3. You just celebrated two years of your shop. Do you still enjoy the
creative process of making pieces as much as you did when you first started?

YES! I love creating new wire wrap styles and working with new stones. There are definitely moments when I might not be feeling super creative, but that’s just part of being an artist. Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. I’m still just as excited to make an order today as I was 2 years ago though!

4. You are slaying the TikTok game. How has social media helped your business grow?

Social media has been an absolute game changer when it comes to growing my business. For instance, a single tiktok video I posted was viewed 100k times and brought in 200 orders alone! The thing I really love about tiktok and Instagram reels is that they can reach so many accounts that aren’t currently following you, and those accounts can all turn into potential customers. You don’t have to pay for sponsored ads or pay to boost a post for that to happen either! Paid ads are an awesome way to grow your business too, don’t get me wrong, but getting free organic exposure through tiktoks and reels is the BOMB!

5. Do you have a favorite platform that you like to use?

I love them all but if I were to pick a favorite, I would probably say Instagram. I have definitely had more success on tik tok with 14k followers now, but making the videos can be super time consuming. Instagram is typically easier with a quick photo post to the fern or on the story. Making a single tiktok video requires a great deal of planning and editing before posting.

6. How do you get ideas for social media content?

Sometimes I’ll hear a new song or a unique audio and get an idea for a video, or I might see a cool background and snap a few photos. I have found that inspiration can come from just about anywhere, so I always have my eyes open for new ideas!

7. You mentioned that you did art festivals as well. What is that like
for you as a creator? Where can people find out what festivals you
will be at?

I LOVE art festivals, and have 3 shows coming up in the next month! It definitely keeps me on my toes to make sure I have a fully stocked inventory for each show. For instance, I typically have around 300 rings created for each event because those are the biggest seller. I absolutely love sharing my pieces in person and meeting so many cool people at art shows. Plus I think it’s so fun to set up my displays and decorate my booth!
I post news on all upcoming art shows on Moonlit Stones Instagram page @moonlit.stones

8. Do you have advice for those who are looking to start a small
business online?

I love this question! I definitely have a few tidbits of advice, first and foremost: don’t be afraid to share your ideas! If you’re passionate about a craft or business idea, tell people about it, talk about it, and/or post photos of it. Put your ideas out there and see how they’re received. Odds are, someone will love it and that feedback will fire you up and give you the confidence you need to share it on a bigger scale.
Next, be willing to put in some SERIOUS hours. Being a business owner is basically a 24/7 time commitment. Growing and maintaining a successful business will require a whole lot of energy, dedication, patience, and persistence. That’s why being passionate about what your doing or selling is so essential.
Also, network and connect with other small business owners. There are so many great groups for entrepreneurs out there and those individuals are always down to help aspiring business owners! Being able to talk to someone who has experience building a website, growing a clientele, selling products, etc. is such a huge help. Plus, just having like minded people to hang out with it super refreshing!
Lastly, owning a business can be an emotional roller coaster at times, so always remember why you started and keep making magic.
You got this!

Photo Credit: Natalie Hudson

Be sure to check Natalie’s Instagram, TikTok and Facebook as well!

12 thoughts on “Women Who Work: Natalie from Moonlit Stones

  1. Natalie is doing so well with her business, I love some of her tips. I wish I had the confidence to do TikTok, I don’t even have an account. I will check out Natalie though, I love stone based jewellery.


  2. What a gorgeous business. I love crystals and enjoy wire wrapping but not in this talented way. I will check out this page (and Tik Tok!) xxx


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