Tech Tuesday: Is the Ember Mug Worth It?

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Coffee drinkers everywhere can rejoice. There is a mug out there that keeps your beverage warm for the entire duration of the beverage — right up to the last sip.

That sounds heavenly. But is it too good to be true?

No. Because it does exist. That magical item is the Ember Mug.

Now, this piece of heaven comes at a bit of a heavy price tag. The 10 ounce size of the mug costs $99, while the 14 ounce costs $129. They also have a travel mug option that is $179.95. I purchased this mug about a month ago, when I traded in my Apple Watch for a Best Buy gift card, so that gift card covered most of the purchase. If you do have old tech lying around, I do recommend that you use it to help purchase something new.

Since getting this mug, I have used it at least once a day if not more. The mug works with the Ember app, which has a bunch of different temperature settings based on what you’re drinking and is really easy to use. I’ve used it for tea and for lattes mainly, but there are options for many different types of drinks. Furthermore, the app also offers a tea steeping timer which is really cool.

Now does it work?


It takes me about an hour to drink a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. It is warm from the moment the coffee is brewed until the very last sip. What I also like about this is that it keeps beverages warm for up to three hours. I’ve used this for my night Zoom meetings, where in normal circumstances, my tea would be cold. That is not the case with this mug. I can have my tea during my meetings, and it’s warm the entire time. Another way that I use this is when I sip my morning latte so I can sip on it more leisurely versus trying to get it down as fast as I can.

The only compliant that I have is that these mugs aren’t big enough. I make large lattes with my Nespresso machine, and sometimes the drink can overflow. I have the 14 ounce one, which is the larger size (thanks to the gift card), but I still experience this problem.

Now, is it worth it?

Yes. If you drink a lot of coffee and tea, then this is something that would be perfect for you. The battery lasts a while, and it does keep your coffee warm.

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