Tech Tuesday: Is the Ember Mug Worth It?

Coffee drinkers everywhere can rejoice. There is a mug out there that keeps your beverage warm for the entire duration of the beverage — right up to the last sip. That sounds heavenly. But is it too good to be true? No. Because it does exist. That magical item is the Ember Mug. Now, thisContinue reading “Tech Tuesday: Is the Ember Mug Worth It?”

What I Love Wednesday: January 20, 2021

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It is a short week for me, but it’s definitely one that is going to be productive. This week, I have a few favorites to share, and unlike weeks past, they aren’t TV shows. I am excited to share them all with you. So, here are this weeks’ favorites: Yeti: I gotContinue reading “What I Love Wednesday: January 20, 2021”