February Amazon Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I’m going to start the weekend off right — by sharing my Amazon favorites. Many of these have been shared in previous Amazon favorites, but they are still my favorites for this month. All of these have been my favorites throughout the month, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Here are my Amazon favorites for the month:

iPad Keyboard: I talked about this in last week’s What I Love Wednesday, and I am really obsessed with this. I use this with the phone stand that I talk about below, and I really love it. I used to have the folio keyboard case, and I really didn’t like it as much anymore because it was so bulky. Now, I use it with a sleek case and whenever I feel like typing, I use this keyboard. I find that the keys are really responsive, which makes typing fast easier. What is also great about this is that it’s less than $20, which makes it really affordable.

Phone Stand: I think I’ve talked about this every month since I got it, but I really have been using this every day. Since my last post, I’ve found another use for this phone/tablet stand — writing blog posts. With the keyboard that I mentioned earlier, I can type blog posts so easily, and it’s so sleek. If you are looking for this phone stand, I highly recommend you getting it. You can use it for both your tablet and your phone. You can use it to hold your iPad while you’re streaming/working out, to keep your phone on your desk, to hold your iPad while you’re cooking, and to hold your phone while taking pictures. There are so many other uses for this, so I highly recommend it for anyone.

Kindle Oasis: I have been getting into Kindle reading again, and I am loving it. I have talked about my Kindle obsessively in the past, but I gave it a break. However, I keep on forgetting how much I enjoy reading on it. I recently read Shadow of Night, which is a thick novel. It makes it so easy to carry around, and I really love that I can stick it in my smaller bags and just carry it around. I love the Oasis simply because I am an avid reader, and the screen is really great for someone who reads a lot.

Nail Lamp: Because of COVID, I am not a fan of getting my nails done. However, my nails take forever to dry. This lamp has been the answer to my prayers. It dries my nails in less than ten minutes, and the polish has lasted for almost two weeks. And, it’s less than $20. Win.

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