A Gift Guide For the Reader In Your Life

If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know that I am a huge reader. I do a ton of reading, and enjoy reading all kinds of books. Thanks to my love for Booktube and Bookstagram, I know that I am not the only one who shares this passion.

That said, if you have a booklover in your life that you’re trying to figure out what to get them, check this gift guide out for ideas. You’re welcome.

Giftcard: If you have a book lover, you know this for a fact: book lovers have a ton of books on their TBR pile. And, if you know anything about books, this can be expensive. So, a gift card to their favorite bookstore, or a local bookstore, will definitely help them score some of their more desired books and check off a few books from their TBR pile.

E-reader: If you want to spend a little bit more, consider getting them an e-reader. As many of you know, I have a Kindle Oasis, and I absolutely love it. Kindles vary in price from $89 for the basic model to my $279 model. If you do choose this, make sure that you hit a sale, because Amazon does offer a lot of promotions for this.

Booksleeves: I don’t read as many physical books as I used to, but when I do, I’ve become a huge fan of booksleeves. Booksleeves are basically pieces of fabric that are sewn together, and protect your books. I love this because it keeps books prestine when you’re in your bag. That means no rips, and no water damage. And, they come in sizes for e-readers too, so this is something that is perfect for all readers.

Bookmarks: These are the best gifts to get as a reader because I seem to misplace mine all of the time. And, they are really cheap gifts too, which is also great during this time of year.

Booklight: I have an e-reader, which has it’s own light. However, I still have one and use it from time to time when I read physical books. This is great for when I read physical books, and I am reading at night. This is great for travel. This is also great for those who share a bed with someone and they are trying to sleep and you can’t. This is definitely a gift that lasts forever, because I’ve had my reading light since I got my original Nook back in 2012.

I do want to end this blog by advising you one thing: if you know someone who is a reader, do not buy them books unless you know that they really want it and don’t have it. I know there are many Black Friday sales out there, and because of that, many readers are probably stocking up already. That said, it’s a much better idea for them to receive gift cards, simply because they may already have it, and this allows them to have the freedom to purchase what they want.

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