December Amazon Favorites

Well, folks. Christmas is less than two weeks away and I am sure many of you are searching on Amazon to look for the perfect gift for your friends and family. Which is why today I am sharing some of my favorite Amazon purchases — some of them I’ve had for a while and others are new purchases. All of them are great for gifts and stocking stuffers though.

So, here are some of my Amazon Favorites:

Echo Show 5:

I’ve had the Echo Show for over a year now, but now that I am working from home, I’ve been using this more and more as a speaker. However, it can do so much more than that. I personally use it because it’s connected to my Ring Doorbell so I can see what’s going on upstairs when I’m upstairs or at the opposite end of my house. You also can use it to set timers, as a clock, watch videos and so much more. I really love having an Echo, and if you don’t love the Show, the dot is always a good option as well.

Kindle Oasis:

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned that I love my Kindle Oasis in the last Amazon Favorites post that I did. And, I still love it. I’ve had several e-readers before, but this one is completely different. I’ve used it for literally a month and a half straight without stopping, and I just enjoy reading on it. I like it that it has a bigger screen, but it is small enough that I can carry it in my small purses as well. Furthermore, the battery life is amazing on it. It’s not six weeks by any means, but the charge lasts about two weeks depending on your settings. While this is something that is a bit more expensive (I purchased it on Prime Day so I got a great deal), a Kindle is a great gift for anyone who enjoys reading or wants to get back into reading, and has a few different models to chose from at all price points.

JBL GO Waterproof Speaker:

I love this speaker for one reason and one reason only. I love listening to podcasts or music when I shower, and I wanted something that I can leave in my bathroom without worry about it being water damaged. And, this speaker is really great. It’s really small, but it packs a huge punch and sounds great. This is a great gift for anyone, because you can take it with you to the beach, when you travel (whenever that may be), or even for someone who wants a portable speaker for their showers.

Earthly Miracle Body Oil:

I love this oil, and I’ve used this for everything, especially in the wintertime when my skin is dry. This skin is great for cuts and dry skin, because of the tea tree oil. The bottle is a decent size and lasts forever. I bought mine in February, and I still have almost three fourths of the bottle left. This also makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone in your life.

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