Women Who Work: Lydia, Owner of the Made by Aniela Etsy Shop

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I love jewelry. I also love finding new shop owners on Etsy to follow and purchase from.

Today’s posts features Lydia, who had just opened her Etsy Shop, Made by Aniela. She opened a little over a month ago, and has a selection of gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry. Every item in her shop is handmade by her, and gives off the most positive of vibes. If you love celestial or hamsa jewelry, then this is a shop that you absolutely need to check out. Furthermore, the prices are pretty reasonable too, with the most expensive pieces being $25. I picked up a jade Buddha necklace and it is absolutely gorgeous.

So, be sure to learn more about the woman behind the shop, and to check out her gorgeous pieces.

Here is the woman behind the Etsy Shop, Lydia, who is wearing one of her gorgeous Evil Eye pieces!

How did you get started with the Made by Aniela shop?  

When Covid started I was let go, my job as a preschool teacher came to a halt. I had just wrapped up my degree in Early Childhood Education as well so you can imagine how unfortunate that felt. I looked into other jobs while painting on the side and selling pieces for cash here and there. Though that was fun and a lot of people loved my work, which motivated me, it didn’t feel right. For me painting and drawing is my escape. Trying to turn a hobby into a business was taking most of the pleasure out of it for me so I took a step back. I bought some beads because I remember making all kinds of bracelets as a kid and I always found it relaxing. Something clicked, I moved from string and beads to chain and pendants. I enjoyed the whole process from picking out charms and chain styles, categorizing drops, taking photos of everything and just really making it my own. Once I realized how happy it made me, how fun it was and that I could actually do something with it, I went for it.

How long has it been open? 

One month as of November 30th! 

Have you always made jewelry? 

I used to make all sorts of friendship bracelets and beaded bracelets when I was younger that’s about it, until now. 

How did you get inspirations for your designs? 

I get ideas from a lot. I’m really inspired by celestial pieces, simplicity, simple joys in life. I make pieces that reflect that. I like being able to layer and stack, because of this a lot of pieces are calm enough to not overpower one another when combined but stand out just fine when wearing alone. 

What materials do you use? 

Gold plated and gold filled. Though it’s a few extra bucks, gold filled is better quality, durable and any tarnish can be cleaned, making it look like new. Gold plated will eventually tarnish off showing the brass underneath. However, when taken care of properly gold plated can last a very long time and still hold its shine! I like offering both for price range and purpose.

What items in your shop would you recommend for a gift? 

All! Just kidding. (sort of) I would say the Turquoise minimal dangle earrings or Celestial pendant necklace. Both are simple enough for everyday wear, gold plated, super cute and affordable. 

Do you have any jewelry care tips?

Try your best not to wear it in water to help it last longer! Especially gold plated. Pieces can be cleaned with a proper cleaning solution. Store in a safe, cool environment. 

Will there be any restocks before Christmas? 

Yes! I post an update once a week. 

What is some advice for someone that wants to get started with their own Etsy shop? 

Have a game plan for your listings, target market things like that, have fun with it and be Y O U ! Etsy is pretty simple to learn, I was very nervous at first and honestly it was all for nothing. There are little things to work out along the way but you can always adjust things to your liking!

Be sure to also check out the Made by Aniela Instagram for updates for drops

8 thoughts on “Women Who Work: Lydia, Owner of the Made by Aniela Etsy Shop

  1. I love shopping on Etsy. There are so many wonderful shops to choose from. I enjoyed getting to know a new owner. Love the little Buddha


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