Blogmas Day 10: Blogger Q and A

A few weeks ago on my Instagram, I asked for some questions for a Q and A. I did this last time during Blogtober, which was very successful. I wanted to do it again because it was such an interactive post that I enjoyed doing. Also, if you haven’t, you should totally follow me on Instagram. #insertshamelessplughere

That said, here are some questions that I got for this post!

Any holiday shopping tips?

Honestly, if you’re doing any online shopping, the sooner the better! It’s always better to have it early than to have to print a picture of it. Other than that, just trying to break it up in smaller pieces than do everything at one — it’s easier on your budget and less overwhelming.

What made you want to start a blog? When was the moment you knew you would pursue it?

I always wanted to be a writer or do something with writing. I don’t remember why I started my first blog (which was a diary and a bunch of reflections) over 10 years ago. What keeps me blogging is just having a chance to do something that I love and a space to write whatever is important to me.

I’ve seen you write about Milford, Connecticut a lot, what are your top five shops in there?

SV Decker Jewelry, Sweet Cupcasions, Inside Living Style, Penny’s Bookstore, and Scratch Baking.

6 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10: Blogger Q and A

  1. I always shop early (already started for this year, haha!) and am amazed by how many wait to the last minute! Even getting stocking stuffers for my kids fairly late stresses me out!


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