Shopping My Way Around CT: Oronoque Farm in Shelton CT

As Thanksgiving approaches, my boyfriend and I wanted to pick up some unbaked pies for Thanksgiving. Even though Thanksgiving is looking a lot different for us than in previous years, we still wanted to get a classic Thanksgiving dessert. So, we decided to check out Oronoque Farms Gifts and Bakery in Shelton.

When we stepped out of the car, we were instantly greeted with the smelled of freshly baked apple treats. We’ll get to those in a minute.

Inside, this shop had a little bit of everything — from soaps and lotions, to jewelry and unique home decor. There were also a ton of Christmas decor. Furthermore, this shop has a lot of old fashioned candy, and chocolate covered pretzels, which are my favorite. This is an amazing place to get some gifts as we enter the holiday season, and it’s a great way to shop locally.

Now, let’s talk about the baked goods. This is a great way to buy desserts for Thanksgiving. At that time, they did not recommend buying pies that were already made, so my boyfriend ended up purchasing an unbaked pie. I did purchase a pie for my grandma, and it was still warm.

Their pie selection is massive. Here is a full list of their pies here:

In addition to pies, they also sell apple cider donuts, fudge, and apple cinnamon crumb cake. I purchased their apple cider donuts, and they were outstanding. They also had cookies, and some frozen pies that you can defrost as well.

Overall, I really enjoyed going to this bakery, and despite the fact that this Thanksgiving looks a little different this year, I am so happy that we can have a small piece of Thanksgiving tradition.

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