Tech Tuesday: I Bought an iPod touch in 2020. Here’s Why

I’ve been a fan of the iPod for a very long time. In the late 2000s, I was always either downloading new songs onto it, or listening to music. And, I liked every kind of genre, from rock music, to pop and country.

10 years later, not much has changed. 

In that time, I have since gotten an iPhone and Spotify. I love streaming, because it’s so easy to find something that you want and transfer it to device to device. However, I do not love the fact that I have to basically carry my phone with me everywhere while I work out or even when I want to unplug from the world.

Unfortunately, the iPod Touch that I was using had died and it was 8 GB. I was gifted an iPod touch from my friends, but the battery never worked and I eventually outgrew the iPod. Then, last year, I purchased a Space Gray iPod Touch when they discontinued the previous generation and the battery life never worked from day one, despite the fact that I bought it to Apple several times. Because of the battery life never lasting, I never used it much.

I decided it was time to upgrade to an iPod Touch. As you may know, that iPod is the only one that is available now, since the Nano, Shuffle, and Classic are now discontinued. 

I ended up purchasing an iPod Touch 256 GB in the Product Red color. I purchased it a week and a half ago, and so far I am loving it. 

This device is a well needed upgrade for me. I love having it with me when I work out, because my AirPods work wonderfully with it, and it’s a lot better to work out with than my phone since I can just listen to the music instead of being distracted by the notifications on my phone. 

Furthermore, the device also has amazing battery life. I’ve seen some reviews online that said that it was a lot worse than the previous generation and that is not the case whatsoever.

So, many of you are wondering why someone would buy an iPod when they have their iPhone. Well, for me it’s just to keep my 6,500 songs off of my phone. I can use my Spotify on my iPod, so that’s really helpful. However, I don’t want to overwhelm my memory on my phone with my music if I didn’t have to.

And, I am sure that there are many people out there who have a larger music collection and just want to keep their phone’s memory free. I can see those who were a big fan of their iPod classic loving this, as well as those who just loving the fact that you can have music to listen on a separate device.

This device is also great for someone who is active like me. Mine only has music and Audible, so I don’t get push notifications on it. This is great to take on a run, since you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone when you’re running as well. 

Furthermore, this is something that is great for kids. It’s basically an iPhone without the phone, which is great if you don’t want to give a child a smartphone yet. I am sure this device is amazing for games and for watching videos. 

So, overall I am really happy with my iPod purchase and have no regrets about purchasing the device whatsoever. 

Do you have an iPod? If so, let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: I Bought an iPod touch in 2020. Here’s Why

  1. I love that you’re staying true to what you like, and not following what the majority of the crowd does. I still have my iPod touch from my school days, when it was my best friend during long commutes to and from school. Nowadays it’s just easier for me to use my phone for everything and carry less items to work, but it’s still always nice and nostalgic to see an iPod, especially the older models.

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