Blogtober Day 3: Tips to Survive Blogtober/Blogmas

Welcome back to the third day of Blogtober. Today, we’re going to talk about how to survive Blogtober and Blogmas. For those of you who don’t know, Blogtober is when you blog everyday for the month of October, and Blogmas is when you blog everyday from December 1-25. These same tips can also be used to some extent for Vlogmas as well, which is the Youtuber version of Blogmas as well.

Now, as you can imagine, writing a post everyday without fail is a challenge and it can be overwhelming. That said, I’ve given you a list of tips to help survive this hectic time. So, without further a due, here are some tips on how to survive Blogtober/Blogmas.

  • Write ahead: Try to get a head start on posts as much as possible. Let’s just be honest. It’s going to be overwhelming trying to schedule this amount of posts, and chances are, every other responsibility in life. That said, try to start early and write a post or two each week. In the case of my blog, I try to get as much non-time sensitive content out as possible. One good thing about that is that if inspiration does end up striking, I can move the post to a different day without fear that I am skipping a day.
  • Plan it Out: Your planner is going to be your best friend for this. Make sure you write down on which days which post will go live. That way, you’ll know what went live, and how to promote on social media.
  • Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself: Life happens. Sometimes, you’re going to miss a day. And, that’s okay. I think that it’s important to not be hard on yourself if that happens, because while writing a post everyday for 31 days is a commitment, sometimes things do come up where you can’t just write a post.
  • Connect With Other Bloggers: I am a part of many different blogging Facebook groups, and having that community is crucial, because it helps me discuss all of the issues that I have been having and even helps keep me motivated. Both of those, trust me, is a win.
  • Social Media: I know this is blogging 101, but make sure to promote these posts with the #Blogtober hashtags. When I did Blogmas last year, it helped me discover some amazing new bloggers. Therefore, I recommend you do the same with your posts, and you might connect and grow your audience.

Are you doing Blogtober this year? If so, let me know in the comments below!


16 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 3: Tips to Survive Blogtober/Blogmas

  1. Some great tips, I have definitely got better organised over the last few years and have some posts already written, whereas the first year I did it I was writing a post the day before!


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