Blogtober Day Four: Fall Fashion Essentials

Now that we’re in October it means fall – especially if you live in New England. For some odd reason, this year I am loving all things fall. In addition to pumpkin spice lattes, I also love the cozy fall clothes and accessories. In today’s post, I am sharing some of my fall essentials:

Cozy sweaters: 

I love sweaters. They are my go-tos from October to about March. My mom was a big sweater person as well, and every year, she would gift me a sweater for Christmas. To me, it’s more important to have neutral colors, but I do enjoy a few colors including burgundy and a dark pink. 

Furthermore, cardigans have become my go-to, especially of late. I’ve been obsessed with the Barefoot Dreams cardigan that I snagged during the Nordstrom sale, and I’ve been loving it. It’s safe to stay that I am obsessed. Another cardigan I have been loving is one from Madewell that I snagged on clearance. 


In fall and in winter, boots have been my go-to for pretty much years. I wore them a lot when I was in college and I would pair them with jeans. Now that I am in the work place, I either pair them with leggings or nicer pants. One look that I really love is a pair of dark chocolate boots and a pair of jeans. They make an amazing combination. 

Sadly, I have not had to purchase boots in quite a few years, since mine have lasted for a while. However, my favorite go-to brands are LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s and Clarks. 

Chunky Earrings: 

I’ve embraced the hoop earring trend this year. Chunky gold hoops have bee n my go-to pretty much all of 2020. I really like the hollow ones, since they are so lightweight that you barely know that they are on. Some of my favorites are the XS Statement Hoop from SV Decker, and the DMQ X Katrina Tell Me About it Stud Earrings from QVC. 


Leggings are just a staple no matter where you’re going. I either wear mine with sweatshirts on the weekends, or with sweaters and boots during the week. 


I am such a huge fan of scarves. I love making them, and I love wearing them. Personally, I am a huge fan of the chunky yarn scarves because they can keep you warm. Most of mine are handmade, so I unfortunately can’t link them below. However, I am in the process of opening up an Etsy Shop, so one day that will be possible. 

What are some fall fashion essentials for you? Let me know in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Blogtober Day Four: Fall Fashion Essentials

  1. I love boots too! However, mine don’t usually last even a season, as I am a bit of a toe-walker on my left foot, so the front of the boots tends to wear off. I also used to be a big sweater person. Now I tend to wear fleece vests.


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