What I Love Wednesday: September 30, 2020

Happy Wednesday! This is officially the last Wednesday before Blogtober, and it’s safe to say that I am both stressed out and excited. I have many of my posts pre-written, so all I have to do is promote it. 

Anyways, in other news, I have a lot of new favorites to share with you today. So, without further adue, let’s just get right into it. 

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: 

I was obsessed with this show when I was a kid, and I was looking for something fall themed to watch. I thought that was a great time to begin a rewatch of the show, and I’ve been obsessed. It has so much nostalgia for me, whether it’s from watching this when I got home from school or at Nick at Nite. 

If you haven’t ever heard of Sabrina, it’s a show about a teenager named Sabrina who finds out on her 16th birthday that she is a witch. The show follows her as she navigates witch training and high school drama. It is honestly so entertaining. 

Fantasy YA/Spooky Reads:

I’ve been obsessively reading fantasy novels this past week or so. Last week, I told you all about House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin Craig, which is the perfect read for this time of year. Since then, I picked up the Hazelwood by Melissa Albert, which has been on my TBR shelf since last year, and its sequel, The Night Country. After that, I plan to read A Discovery of Witches, which is a book I am really looking forward to since I heard that it’s basically Twilight for adults.


If you’re not familiar with this brand, QVC has a special kind of cubic zirconia called Diamonique. My mom watched and shopped from QVC regularly, and has gifted me some throughout the years. Recently, when looking for earrings for my second hole, I found some of my older pieces that my mom had gifted me or pieces I have brought and forgot about and decided that I want to wear them again. Some of my favorites include: the initial necklace, the stud earrings and the bezel set Sterling Silver necklace. Note: some of the items here are not the exact ones, but I linked it to something similar.

Jazzercise On Demand:

I have found a new workout that I have been enjoying. That is Jazzercise. Since hurting my back, I have been aiming to do something that has been lighter. The app costs $19.99 a month, and offers unlimited video classes. I like it because I can do it whenever I am able to work out.

Furthermore, I also love these classes because they are just so fun. I may return to Jillian Micheals, but I am enjoying it for now.

Moriah Robinson Vlogs:

I found a new vlogger/blogger that I am obsessed with. I have been enjoying her content for a few weeks now, because she showcases affordable fashion. Fun fact: many of the items that she gets are from Amazon, which is something that I love because her picks are affordable and are great picks. I also love how authentic she is in her videos as well.

That is what I have been loving this week. What are you favorites this week?

13 thoughts on “What I Love Wednesday: September 30, 2020

  1. I absolutely adore Sabrina the Teenaged Witch! I’ve rewatched it too many times to say. I remember my crush on Harvey lol


  2. I love Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Have you watched the new version on Netflix. It’s much darker and more adult and definitely not like the original. I actually really like it a lot, but it’s definitely not for everyone.


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