Guess Who Is Doing Blogtober? I am!

Last year, I did Blogmas, which is when you blog daily from December 1-25. I enjoyed doing it so much, as it was a great way to connect with many new bloggers, and grow my blog a little bit more. 

However, Blogmas is only one of the blogging challenges that exist. One of the other ones is Blogtober.

Now, what is Blogtober? 

Blogtober is when bloggers basically blog one post a day for every day throughout the month of October. As I mentioned with Blogmas, it’s a great chance to connect with other bloggers, by using various hashtags. 

What can you expect to see from me? 

31 days of content. That’s pretty much it. I have some posts planned (okay maybe not as much as I would like), but I am basically am having what I normally post with some spooky or fall-themed items thrown in there as well. I am so stoked to spend the next 31 days blogging and sharing some great posts with you all. 

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