Millennial Money: Tips to Score Amazing Deals While Consignment Shopping

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with consigning. For a while, I would go to the consignment store just to sell some of my mom’s clothes that didn’t fit and were in excellent condition. Since the pandemic hit, I began to actually look through the shelves of the consignment store. And, let me tell you that you can find some amazing treasures. For instance, I was able to purchase a new Dooney and Bourke purse – with tags – for $27. The price tag said it was $200. And, that’s not the only deal that I’ve been able to find. So, here are some tips to help you find some amazing deals.

Make sure you’re buying it because you like it, not because the price is right: Have you ever found something that was a deal that was something that was too good to pass up, only to never use it. We’ve all been there. When buying consignment, really give thought to the items you are going to purchase. What are you going to use it for? What are you going to wear it with? Even though it is a good price, still buying items that you are not going to use is still a waste of money.

Know if it’s a good deal: I am a frequent luxury browser on the consignment market. For this, you gotta know your prices. For instance, if you’re looking at a mini pochette, and paying $500 for it, it is definitely not a good deal. Sure, those are really hard to get. However, I find it crazy that people upcharge it that much.

Do your research: I am familiar with how things cost because I look them up online. Therefore, if you’re on Poshmark or any other site, take a look at the brand’s website to see how much things cost on there. Sometimes, you can get things for half off. For example, I wanted a Longchamp Makeup pouch. On Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, they go for $55. I picked one up – new with tags – for $25. $30 with shipping.

Hit up your local stores: Sure, sites like Poshmark and Ebay offer great deals. But, the true hidden gems are the local ones. So, google consignment stores in your area and explore.

Go often: Try to hit up your local consignment store at least once a month. Their stock changes constantly, so while they may not have the best deals one day, the next day they may have items that you become obsessed with.

Follow them on social media: Many local shops now have Facebook or Instagram pages. And, they use that as an opportunity to share their newest and awesome finds. What’s even better is that some will let you call to reserve the items and then pick it up.

Make offers: Use apps like Poshmark to get great deals as well. I would say don’t lowball them, but definitely work with sellers to get a good deal.

Favorite items: If you like something, put a heart on it. In my experience, sellers will often create an offer with discounted shipping. Win, win.

Sell unwanted goods: Many of us have those items that we’ve never touch or only wore once and that was it. Why not bring them to the consignment store? What is good about doing this is that many consignment stores offer a discount for using that credit, so you can get items at an even better price.

2 thoughts on “Millennial Money: Tips to Score Amazing Deals While Consignment Shopping

  1. I have shoes and purses I really should take to a consignment. A friend of mine had a resale shop and I took things there often but it’s since closed.


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