Women Who Work: Erica from Happily Ever Erica

I don’t know about you, but I love Etsy. I love that you can find pretty much everything on there, including handmade unique items.

On today’s Women Who Work, I am chatting with Erica who is the owner of Happily Ever Erica. Her shop is the place to go if you need accessories (from jewelry to scrunchies to key fobs), coasters, shorts and so much more. And, the best part? Everything on her site is handmade by Erica herself. (As a side note, I am so excited to receive my scrunchie that I ordered from her a few days ago.)

So, without further a due, let’s learn more about Erica’s awesome Etsy shop!

Erica, the owner of Happily Ever Erica. Photo Credit: Erica Izzo

How long has Happily Ever Erica been open? How did it get started?

Happily Ever Erica opened in 2018. It started on Instagram and the only item for sale at the time were tiny beaded bracelets with charms!

How has your shop grown since you first started?

A couple months after opening, I officially opened my Etsy shop and added the second item to my shop which were hand-painted coasters.  I started with One Tree Hill inspired coasters (my biggest tv show obsession) and slowly added others inspired by different shows, movies, disney characters and Disney World attractions. From there I began doing custom orders such as names, initials, flowers, quotes and my newest, a wedding collection. From there, I began adding more and more items to my shop!-I always post my items on Instagram and Facebook to reach a bigger audience. I also sell to locals this way. Depending on location and my schedule I sometimes will drop off, but my house has become a popular pickup location lately.

Photo Credit: Erica Izzo

What do you sell currently?

Right now in my shop I sell scrunchies, wristlet lanyards, bracelets, coasters and my newest, up-cycled shorts and tees/crop tops! I have also been making masks over the last few months, so send me an email or message for your mask needs!

How long have you been making things?

I’ve loved arts and crafts since I was little.  When I was younger I always had lemonade stands and would sell string friendship bracelets and my lemonade stands! 

What inspires you with new items?

I like to follow trends. I always want to make items that people are into at the moment and things they will use daily!

These coasters, which can be customized, make such a great gift. Photo Credit: Erica Izzo

Do you do custom orders? If so, what is the process?

I do! I can be contacted through Etsy or any of my social media sites.  For items such as lanyards or scrunchies, it is just a matter of finding the right fabric. Lately a lot of college students have been messaging me for their schools’ colors or logos and then I search for the fabric! Anything in my shop can easily be customized! Send me all your custom ideas and we will make it happen!!

What is your favorite part about being an Etsy Seller?

Crafting and meeting new people! I am constantly working on something which keeps me busy (and keeps me inside rather than going out and spending money on more clothes and home decor that I don’t need!!) I also love meeting new people through Etsy. I have a lot of repeat customers all over the country who have become friends instead of just customers 🙂

Photo Credit: Erica Izzo

What is your next goal with the shop?

Right now I am working on some new up-cycled clothing that will be out very soon! I am also in the process of working on new coasters and bracelets! In addition to Happily Ever Erica, this week I am opening a second shop called “Erica and Erika Designs” which is a new shop with my friend! About a year ago we started painting rocks and selling them at craft fairs, which to our surprise was actually a huge hit! Our rocks can also be found in two hair salon boutiques. (Tresses and Treasures and A Dash of Color, both in North Haven, CT) We decided it’s now time to open our own shop!

Finally, what is some advice you would give someone who wants to open their own shop?  
Whether you want to do it as just a hobby or a business, go for it! For me, I thought it would just be something fun to do in my free time. but it has turned into so much more than that for me! From making time to shop and spending money on supplies, taking time each day to craft, packaging and shipping orders, it does take a lot of time, but for me it is totally worth it! 

Be sure to check Erica out on her Etsy shop, Facebook page, and Instagram!

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