What’s In My Bag: What I Bought to the Beach

Beach days are the best days, let’s be honest. I am so lucky to be living a mere half of an hour from the shore. Even though we are still social distancing, let’s be honest — a beach day is needed in the summer to recharge your batteries.

Last Friday night, I went to the beach with my friends and broke out this crochet straw purse from LC Lauren Conrad. This straw purse is perfect for summer and it’s affordable. When I first was on the hunt for these purses, they were expensive. However, I paid $20 for this, and now they are on clearance for the summer. Can’t beat that.

What I love about straw purses is that they are carefree. I don’t have to worry about sand getting into my purse, which is something that I’ve struggled with for years. And, it does hold a lot, despite it’s smaller size.

That said, here’s what I bought to the beach:

What is in your beach bag? Let me know in the comments below.

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