I’m Participating In Another Readathon

Last month, I participated in the Peruse Readathon, where I was able to get two books — one of them on my TBR for a while — off of my TBR list. After finishing it, I was so excited to do another one, seeing as I completed two books. A few weeks ago, YouTubers ArielContinue reading “I’m Participating In Another Readathon”

What I Love Wednesday: April 8, 2020

The alternative title of this post should be called “things that have been keeping me sane during quarantine.” Needless to say, here are some things that I have been loving this week: Libby: I have been using Libby as a way to download audiobooks for the past few weeks. What is really nice about theContinue reading “What I Love Wednesday: April 8, 2020”

Productivity and Quarantine: Why You Shouldn’t Expect to Get Everything Done During This Crazy Time

When I first heard that I was going to be stationed at home due to quarantine, my first thoughts were how much I was able to get done during this time (in between working of course). This would be the time that I would get to finally read all of the books that I’ve beenContinue reading “Productivity and Quarantine: Why You Shouldn’t Expect to Get Everything Done During This Crazy Time”

Shopping My Way Around CT: 6 Ways To Support Small Businesses

  It’s no doubt that this pandemic has had a major impact on our economy since many businesses had to close their doors last month. That said, it’s essential for us to support small businesses in a way we can — economically or by word of mouth. Here is how we can do so: GetContinue reading “Shopping My Way Around CT: 6 Ways To Support Small Businesses”

March Reading Wrap Up/April TBR

I can’t believe that we are officially in April. March was a long month for all of us, so I am glad to see that springtime — and the warm weather that it brings — is here. I’m not sure what this month will bring, but I am so excited to announce during the monthContinue reading “March Reading Wrap Up/April TBR”

What I Love Wednesday: April 1

Happy April Fool’s Day! Like me, I have been in quarantine for a while now. Many of the days of the week have blurred into one day. That said, I still want to share my favorites of the week: Miracle Oil: My hands have been so dry due to hand washing. I bought this littleContinue reading “What I Love Wednesday: April 1”