What I Love Wednesday: April 1

Happy April Fool’s Day! Like me, I have been in quarantine for a while now. Many of the days of the week have blurred into one day. That said, I still want to share my favorites of the week:

  • Miracle Oil: My hands have been so dry due to hand washing. I bought this little bottle of Miracle Oil from Amazon, and trust me, it performs miracles. I have a lot of cuts on my hands, and this heals them instantly. It also does wonders for dry skin as well. Some other uses for this also include: cuts from shaving, and acne. And for the $10 price, I am able to get a lot of it. I got this in January, and it’s still at the top mark.

  • Hershel Crossbody Backpack: Nordstrom had a huge sale when they announced that they were closing their doors for the COVID-19. I was able to score this for 25 percent off. I wanted this bag to take with me on hikes, because it’s small and I don’t have to worry about the leather getting damaged. I’ve used it a few times, and let me tell you this: it’s small. It fits my wallet, my phone, keys, hand sanitizer, and and chapstick. I also like that it has a backpack feel, but isn’t a backpack. That said, I do love this back and look forward to many hikes with it.
  • High School Musical — The Series: I am plowing through all of the TV shows I’ve been wanting to watch due to social distancing. I have been wanting to watch something simple and cute. Enter in this show. This show is about the high school where High School Musical was shot. The new drama teacher is obsessed with the musical, and so she creates a production for it. There is a lot of drama, a love triangle, and I am here for it. This show is very similar to Glee, which is probably why I like it. That said, it’s on Disney Plus, and it’s something that is definitely worth the binge.
  • Popsugar Lounge Pants: Like many of us, I am pretty much living in loungewear, sweatpants and leggings. I actually only have three pairs of sweatpants from college, so I wanted to get a few more since I’ve been social distancing. I loved the blush color pants, and when I got them, I instantly wanted to put them on. So, I wore them the next day, and am so comfortable. I then ordered the other color in my size, and I’m so excited to wear those as well.

  • Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel: I have been so excited for this release that I actually preordered it on my Nook. I started it on Sunday and finished it yesterday, and I couldn’t put the book down. It is based on the Gypsy Rose case, which is about a mother who pretends that her daughter is sick to gain attention. In real life, Gypsy Rose did murder her mother. The book is much different. However, I loved the book. I could not put the book down, and every chapter made me want more. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for something awesome to read, because I know you will not be able to put it down at all.

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