Tech Tuesday: Nook Glowlight Plus Unboxing and Review

As many of you know, I go back and forth between using an e-reader and reading an actual book. When I do use an e-reader, I do prefer the Barnes and Noble Nook over the Kindle for a number of reasons.

That said, I’ve had the Nook Glowlight Plus for a few months and had one big issue with the device — the fact that my battery wouldn’t last longer than a week. And if you go on the website,  these tend to last for weeks without a charge. I did take my Glowlight with me to San Diego last year, and even with reading for several hours — some with the Glowlight on — I did not need to charge it during the entire trip.

So, I decided to call Barnes and Noble because I wanted to try to make sure that the problem got rectified prior to my warranty going up. After already telling them that I already tried the solutions suggested, they were kind enough to grant me a new one if I sent the other one.

I was really surprised that it came the next day — especially with all that’s going on. During that time, I used an old Nook HD. I am not a fan of those kind of e-readers because since I read so much, it ruins my eyes, but I wanted to use it since I have it in my collection (I honestly don’t know how to sell my e-readers).

Nook Glowlight Plus in the box.

When you get the Nook Glowlight Plus, it comes in a standard box. It shows the e-reader in a white background. When you open the box, you see the e-reader with the standard sticker that says “press the power button to get started.” Once you move the e-reader, you get the instructions and the USB cable used to charge the device.

Screen of the Nook when you first turn it on.

Once you get the device turned on, set up is pretty easy. You connect it to WiFi, and once you get connected, you need to update the device. Once that is all set, you enter your credentials, and leave it to charge for a few hours.


I’ve had the device for a few months, so I can honestly say that this one is my favorite Nook yet. I’m going to be honest here. I am a huge Barnes and Noble fan. I love Nooks over Kindles for many reasons. The first is that the Nooks have buttons, which is a feature that I really love, because I don’t like to have the smudges on my screen for fingerprints. Furthermore, I also love the fact that it’s so much easier to navigate over the Kindle. This might be the fact that I’ve had the Nook for many years.

That said, I think this Nook is awesome. I love the screen — in both size and in resolution quality. It feels so much better in my hand than the ones that are the smaller sizes. It has pretty much the same features that the other one has, which makes this the perfect device for me.

I do have one issue with the device — the battery life. The newer one has a much better battery life than the one that I had before. But, not by much. I got the device on Friday, and I’m already on 60 percent. That said, hear me out. I have been using the heck out of these devices. I’ve read pretty much for three or four hours a day on the device. So, I think that could be why.

Overall I do love this e-reader and highly recommend that if you’re in the market to get a new one, check this one out — especially if you’re stuck at home and trying to get to your TBR. One of the benefits of having an e-reader is being able to get all of the books you want instantly — something that is super important during a time when the bookstore is closed.

Do you have an e-reader? If so, what is your favorite device?

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