Just Stay In.

I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog about this, or if I should even discuss it on my blog and go about it almost as if it was business as usual. But, since this is my personal blog, I almost feel as though I can’t address it.

The world is in complete chaos right now. Many places of business are completely shut down, many of us are still working from home, and some of us are temporarily unemployed. Grocery stores are practically empty with many of the essentials.

Italy is in a state of complete and total chaos. I have a friend who lives in Italy, and I constantly worry about her, as well as her family. And, I’ve read that the U.S. is about ten days behind Italy.

First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are affected by this — whether by battling this illness, or financially. My thoughts go out to our healthcare workers, who are trying to keep everyone safe — including themselves. I wish nothing but good health for everyone.

All of this is terrifying. And, the sad thing is that this is only the beginning.

As of Thursday, my work has been closed and will be closed for the next two weeks. At least. Last night, the State of Connecticut has placed a ban of all in house dining, and closed gyms and movie theaters.

However, there is a message that each and every one of us is hearing from our state representatives — stay home. And, that is what each and every one of us needs to do. We need to social distance — even though this may be awful and isolating. I live alone, so it’s definitely lonely even though I have Lucy.

This is our new normal.

Many of us think that this is being too extreme. However, looking at Italy and realizing the we are only a few days behind is honestly scary. Therefore, I think the least we can do is stay home for a bit.

And, it doesn’t have to be boring. Think of this as unlimited amounts of self care time. If you’re like me, you probably have a ton of books to read, crochet projects, and tv shows to watch. I’m also working from home, so that means I can probably have TV playing in the background while I work, which is something that I love to do. Or, blast music while you work, which is something that always increases productivity. For Lucy, this means having a lot of extra time out of the crate, which is something that I am truly grateful for.

Use this time to just unwind. Many of us are constantly on the go — which could be an indicator as to why this is so challenging — and always complain that we don’t have any time to enjoy the little things in life. Staying home isn’t always a bad thing. And, right now it’s absolutely necessary.

As for this blog, I’ll continue to post regular posts as much as possible.

Stay healthy, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Just Stay In.

  1. I’ve been in for almost 2 weeks. I’m getting a lot of reading in. It keeps me calm. We’ll be running out to get a few groceries with time but we’ll make do with what we have already as much as possible. I feel so badly for my manicurist, hair stylists, waitresses etc who don’t have ways to make money without us.


  2. I work at a hospital so I am on the front line of these scary times. When I’m not at work, which has been A LOT recently, I’ve been enjoying time with loved ones. Trying new dinners and chilling by the fire pit outdoors.


  3. Hawaii is not on lockdown yet. We are implementing protocols to protect our staff while caring for our patients


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