What I Love Wednesday: March 18

Hey there everyone! I am currently at home quarantined and doing my best to practice some social distancing. That said, I still wanted to share my faves this week, despite the fact that I am limited since I am home.

Here are some things that I am loving this week:

If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of S.V. Decker. Since my go to place in Hamden closed last year, I have been getting a ton of my jewelry from her. Before she closed last week, I purchased the celestial ring, which has become one of my favorite pieces. Signet rings are my favorite, and I love moon pieces. It’s perfect for layering with other rings, or by itself. Like many other businesses during this crazy time, S.V. Decker had to shut their doors, so be sure to check out the website for these, and many more pieces.

  • Peter Cetera’s Solitude/Solitaire:

In last week’s post, I talked all about how much I’ve been getting into physical music. Last weekend, I found my mom’s old cassettes. One of them was Peter Cetera’s Solitude/Solitaire. The album has one of his most well known songs, Glory of Love. Since discovering the tape, I have been listening to it nonstop — and not just on my little Walkman. I even listen to it on Spotify. That said, if you’re looking for something to jam out to, I highly recommend that album.

  • In Five Years by Rebecca Serle:

Like many of us, I have a lot of time to do some extra reading thanks to Social Distancing. I just finished In Five Years by Rebecca Serle and absolutely loved it. It is about a woman named Dannie, who has it all. She is a successful lawyer, she just got engaged, and she has everything that she believes that she wants. She then is transported to five years in the future, where she wakes up next to a different man. Because of this vision, Dannie is hesitant to get married, and meets the man. Naturally, this is awkward. I loved this book. I actually read a few of Rebecca Serle’s other books, including the Famous in Love books, and the Dinner List and loved them. When this book came in, I had to download it right from my Nook and read it. I absolutely loved the book, and I highly recommend that book if you are looking for something to read.

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