What I Love Wednesday: February 5th

Happy hump day! I still can’t believe that we are already in February. This month is going to be a hard one for me, as it’s approaching the year mark on my mom. However, I am focusing on some of the things that I am loving this week.

  • Miss Americana:

I watched the documentary on Friday night, and I loved it. I am a fan of Taylor Swift, and she is one of my favorite artists. I am not a crazy obsessed fan, but I appreciate her music. That said, I loved the documentary, and gained so much respect for her after watching it. She is truly an inspiration, and a role model — something that this movie showcased. After watching the movie, I may have been listening to her music for a few days afterwards.

  • Brita Water Filter: 

I purchased a Brita Water filter for a couple of reasons: the first, to eliminate the need to purchase water every week, and secondly, to have less of a carbon footprint. As of now, I still have some of the water that was bottled. However, I hope this will help me save some money on my grocery bill.

  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I finally got around to watching the new season, and let me tell you, it’s amazing. I love watching Midge travel across the country and do her comedy. I love all of the other things that are going on with the other characters as well. I’m currently only on episode four, so I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.

  • Amazon Stair Stepper:

I purchased a stair stepper, because I truly miss running. I miss it because for thirty minutes, I could close myself off to the world. I could listen to music, a podcast and an audiobook. But, since getting Lucy, I haven’t been running. And, since I sprained both of my knees, I am afraid to. Therefore, this machine has helped me run again, which is something that makes me happy. It also gives me a good workout, as after I finished doing it, I was sore.

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