Nook Glowlight Plus Review


I constantly go back and forth between using an e-reader and reading actual, physical copies of novels. What I love about e-readers is the fact that I can take it everywhere. I love that I can store thousands and thousands of books in one tiny little device. This makes it easier for travel, easier to take it Starbucks, and easier to read with Lucy on top of me. I also like using ebooks because I can get books that I want to read within seconds.

I’ve had a few Nooks — I’ve had the Nook Simple Touch, the Nook Tablet 7, and the Nook Glowlight 3. And, I’ve had the Kindle Paperwhite as well. However, there is something about the Nook ecosystem that I just love and keep on returning to again and again. I love the way that the Nook is, and for me, the Nook is a lot easier to navigate than the Kindle.

The one thing that my Nook Glowlight 3 did not have that made me switch over to Kindle? The fact that the Kindle is Waterproof. And, that’s something that I need in an e-reader, because I carry my e-reader everywhere and I tend to spill my water bottle in my bag. Furthermore, I also read a lot near the pool, and I want to make sure that whatever I use for reading can use that.


That said, I found the Nook Glowlight Plus while walking around the bookstore one day. I liked the huge size of the e-reader, and I liked the fact that it was waterproof. When I saw this, I did wonder if this will keep it from fitting it into my tinier purses.

However, I did like the fact that the screen resolution was awesome, and it had a headphone jack.  And, I loved the larger screen. Compared to the original Glowlight, this screen is 7.8 inches versus the standard 6 inch of the one that the original one had. I love that.

So, I used my Christmas money and splurged.

And, I love it so far.

Many of the reviews on Barnes and Noble say that this is the best Nook ever. And, I agree. My doubts of it being too big vanished the second that I took it out of the box. While it was definitely bigger than my original one, it’s not too much to manage. It also is something that feels so comfortable holding it and how it felt in the hand. It’s so comfortable, and I knew that I found a device that I loved.

After using it for a couple of weeks, I can say agree with those reviews. The bigger screen allows me to read quickly, and have less page turns. Now, the software is similar to my other one, which I am okay with because it’s so easy to navigate. Furthermore, I also love the fact that this device has page turn buttons. Honestly, that was one of my biggest complaints about the Kindle, so I am so relieved to have them back again in my life.

The only compliant that I have is the battery life, but it’s a lot better than my original Glowlight. I also wish that the storage was a little larger or that it had a little slot for an SD card like the previous Nooks.

Overall, I am in love with this device and if you love reading, I highly recommend that you pick it up. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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