Have Some Respect For Your Ex

With the rise of social media, I feel as though we lost one element to basic human life and functioning — respect. It is so easy to express emotions and thoughts, that it is forgotten the impact that it can have. And, once it’s out there, chances are, there is no going back.

It really bothers me when exes go back and forth in battle with each other, whether it may be talking behind their back, spreading rumors, or just basic immaturity. After all, you did like this person for a period of time. However, things change. That person cheated, they turned out to be not a great person after all, or maybe it just didn’t work out. Whatever the case may be, you still gotta treat them with respect and kindness. Even though it’s going to be hard and you may want to say that they are the world’s worst person.

What does this mean?

That means no tweeting. That means no spreading rumors. And yes, that also means no calling them up to yell at them.

I get it. Breakups are upsetting and devastating. I’ve been through a couple to know this personally. And, maybe that person is using the breakup as a way to destroy you. Some people sadly are like that.

That said, no matter how hurt you are, use it as an opportunity to grow. I believe that when you use public means to destroy a person, it shows your character. It shows that you’re petty and willing to do anything to destroy them.

I also believe that using social media as a method to voice any sort of ill feelings can result in nothing good simply because people use social media in general as judgements of character — including job recruiters. Therefore, the less negative, the better.

Most importantly, it’s important to do the same offline as well. Whether it’s showing respect by not randomly talking ill of the person, or just allowing there be mutual friends, I think it shows so much class when you say that while things didn’t work out, you still respect them as a person.

This doesn’t mean you can’t vent about your feelings and not talk about them. When I’m upset about someone, I take it to my journal. I talk to my best friend and my dog. And, usually those are safe and private ways to vent.

Taking the high road isn’t easy. However, nothing in life worth having is easy. Just show some respect for your ex, plain and simple:

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