January Reading Wrap Up

Everyone seems to say that this month lasted forever. However, for me, this month went by very quickly.

This month was a very successful month for reading. I sadly didn’t read any of the books on my Mashed Potato Reading list. However, I did get a chance to read nine books. And, many of them were five star reads, which is great.

Which, if you ask me, is not a bad thing. Here are the books that I read this month:

  1. The Wives by Taryn Fisher: Five stars
  2. After by Anna Todd: Five Stars
  3. After We Collided by Anna Todd: Five Stars
  4. After We Fell by Anna Todd: Five Stars
  5. After Ever Happy by Anna Todd: Five Stars
  6. Bloom by Kevin Panetta: Five Stars
  7. Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano: Five Stars
  8. Heartstopper vol. 1 by Alice Osman: Five Stars
  9. Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern: Four Stars

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