Craft Tutorial: Heart Bracelet

Lately, I have been obsessed with making these heart bracelets, which are perfect for Valentine’s Day! And the funny thing? I discovered this design on a fluke when I was making a bracelet for a co-worker. However, I like it enough to make it one of my new go-tos. So, in honor of tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, here’s how to make the bracelet. And it’s inexpensive, and a great gift for your ladies for Valentine’s Day.

What You Need:

  • Crystal beads
  • Silver heart beads
  • Stretchy string
  • How To Make It:
    1. Cut a piece of elastic that is about two inches longer than the desired length.
      Put on the first heart on the string.
      Follow the heart with 4-6 crystal beads, depending on how far apart that you want the beads.
      Repeat until you have as many heart beads as desired.
      Now, you have two options here, which are to make the entire bracelet with silver hearts and crystals, or to make a bracelet with a few hearts with the rest crystals. If you want to do option one, just repeat pattern to desired length. If you want option two, do the hearts for as many as you want and just finish with crystal beads to the desired length.
      Once the bracelet is the length you’d like it, tie a knot and cut the strings off. And you’re done!

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