Something We All Need To Work On In 2019

There is something that each and every one of us deserve in our daily lives and interactions. It is something that is so simple and so easy that everyone can do. And, that is to simply work on our communication with each other, and to make sure that we are kinder to one another.

Honestly, we never know what a person is going through. Let me ask you this. How many times have we assumed that someone who is a bit rude or mean as being an unpleasant person? I have done this myself so many times.

What we don’t know is that underneath they are struggling with something. That can be that they are dealing with a breakup or a death of a loved one. Or, that they have received some terrible news. Or, they could be struggling to deal with putting a meal on the table.

Those are the people who need kindness the most.

Everyone deals with something — am I right? Therefore, since we all do, why is it so difficult for us to try to be more compassionate?

I have no idea. However, I think that we should at least aspire to do so.

Therefore, I propose something. I am asking everyone out there reading this to work on trying to be kinder to each other. There are so many ways one can do this. And, they are not that hard. It’s about smiling and saying ‘good morning’ to someone. Or, whenever we want someone to do something for us, being polite about it instead of demanding. Finally, you can also hold the door out for strangers as well. Basically, we can try to work on thinking of the impact of our actions and how they effect others.

A little kindness can truly go a long way. And, it can be something small, but it may have the impact to make someone’s day. Furthermore, maintaining that positive deposition can help you when times are rough for you.

With that being said, let 2019 be the year for a kinder you. I think we can do it.

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