An Evolution of Valentine’s Day

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was the one day where we were permitted to eat chocolate from the final ring from the bell until dismissal. However, in middle and high school, Valentine’s Day was the one day a year when there was some sort of hope in the air. Hope that the object of your affection would somehow magically reciprocate your feelings. Hope that you would get a rose that was delivered by students. Hope that someone would make you swoon just once.

Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is a bit different for me — especially seeing that I am an adult and all. This is my second Valentine’s Day in a relationship with the same person. While it’s just another day at work, it’s still a day where I appreciate my boyfriend who I am very lucky to have.

Up until that point, I never had a valentine. That is, unless you count my dog. As much as I was secure in my single status, I still hated February 14th because I had to log into my social media accounts to see a tribute to everyone’s significant other. It would often leave me wondering, wait, where’s mine? The only good thing was that I could go to CVS the next day and gorge myself on discount chocolate. And, of course I treated myself to something, since I was my own Valentine.

With that being said, Valentine’s Day is a strange day. It’s a day where you tell your significant other — or someone that you hope will be your significant other — how much you love them. But, what? Shouldn’t you tell them that everyday? Well, yeah. Only on Valentine’s Day, you have the pressure to do it with candy hearts, a trip to the jewelry store and roses. And, of course some kind of romance.

Yup. It’s one of the most commercial holidays of the year.

But, seeing it from the perspective of someone who is in a happy relationship, I can say that my valentine is pretty great (even though we actually aren’t seeing each other today due to conflicting work schedules).

And, there is more to Valentine’s Day then what you see in the movies. Quoting Taylor Swift, there is still some “magic in the air.” Maybe that magic is faded a bit as you get older, but at the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is still a day filled with love. Which is the best kind of magic there is.

So, today celebrate love. That can be the love you share with that special person in your life. Or, it can very well be the love you share with yourself, because it all starts with loving you.

Cliche, yes. But aren’t all cliches true?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

One thought on “An Evolution of Valentine’s Day

  1. Natalie-you are thoughtful and insightful! Yes spread the love on many levels! God only knows love can be shared in so many ways. Enjoy this special day and everyday your way by a simple hello, smile 😃 & loving yourself!!


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