4 Tips On How To Maintain Friendships As An Adult

When I was in school, it was so easy to get together with friends. In high school, you had a few different options — wait until lunch, an extracurricular activity, or after school to see your friend. In college, it was the same thing. You saw your friends in between classes or on the weekends. But, no matter what, your friends were in the same place.

When you’re an adult, it’s a bit of a different story. Many of my friends are scattered across the state, and world. This means, less time to see them. On the flip side, this does mean that the time we do get to spend together is that much more valuable. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I text with a friend, only for them to say let’s catch up. It’s embarrassing, really.

However, I am lucky to have some of my friends in the same area of me. But, that spending time with them is still a rarity. Between work, my relationship, and other responsibilities, sometimes that falls the lowest on the list. Furthermore, since I am an introvert, I would much rather go home to my dog and curl up with a book after work versus meet my friend for dinner or ice cream.

I know, I’m bad.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’ve heard so many times that if you’re not the one whose making time for them, then they are not worth your time. However, with all of the responsibilities that you have, it’s tricky to balance everything. Additionally, it’s also important to make sure that you’re spending time with your significant other, but you don’t want to be that friend who dropped off of the face of the earth just because she got a boyfriend.

So, my question here is, how do you?

My answer is — well, I don’t know. Maybe good planning.

The thing is, as you get older, you’re going to be consistently adding things on your plate — whether it may be children, marriage, elderly parents, or otherwise. However, friendships are still important to maintain.

With that being said, let’s try to make more room for all of the friendly faces in our lives. There are so many simple ways we can do this, many of which that doesn’t involve a lot of time. A few of them are as follows:

  • Doing errands together: Everyone has errands, whether that may be going to the drug store, grocery store, or even heading to the gym. Or, you want to head to the local bookstore or do some shopping. But, do you have to do it alone? Maybe invite a friend to go with you. Sounds weird? Well, here’s the thing. You have to do it anyways. But, by inviting a friend to go with you, it becomes more fun.
  • Scheduling one night a week that’s your friend night: This makes me cringe, but have you heard of the saying Friday’s for the boys, or Saturdays are for the girls. Well, make one day that’s your friend day, and stick to it. That can be Sunday Brunches, or Happy Hour on Wednesday. Whatever it may be. And, stick to it. Chances are, you’ll be looking forward to it all week — especially the stressful ones!
  • Ask them to attend things with you. Of course, this is natural for all friendships. But, if you’re looking for someone to attend the free concert with, why not ask a friend? Or, if you want to take a trip somewhere, consider getting a group of pals. But, it can be so much simpler than that. If you want to go to the farmers market, maybe ask a friend you haven’t seen in a while versus going alone.
  • Double date night. Are you in a relationship? And do you have friends who are in relationships? Perfect way to spend quality time with both your significant other and your friend is to have a double date. Just make sure that everyone gets along before doing this.

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